Teresa Giudice Shares Some Of Her Prison Struggles

It can't be easy to be in prison, period, so I can’t imagine how difficult it is to have any additional concerns added to that, like those that occur if you also have an ounce of notoriety. On the second installment of Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In , Teresa Giudice called her husband, “Juicy” Joe, and four daughters, and their conversations revealed a lot about her current state. Teresa is in a minimum security prison (her lawyer called it a country club) after being convicted of fraud, and shared some of her struggles with her family when she called them.

In one conversation, Teresa recounted to Joe and the girls that there was a plane flying low outside the prison, which circled seven times, and seemed to imply that it could have been paparazzi looking for a photo of her. To combat that possibility, Teresa had a photo of her with her daughters on Mother’s Day released so that any paparazzi photos would be pretty much worthless. Teresa also talked to Joe and the girls about how she had to change her whole routine, because someone in the prison allegedly tipped off her normal daily life so that they could get a photo of it. It seems that Teresa has to watch her back constantly to protect her privacy.

In another phone call, Teresa told Joe (and just Joe, so as not to upset the girls) that she and her cellmate were both searched and their whole cell was flipped by prison officials because they thought she had a cell phone in her cell. Why? Teresa had Gia tweet something a message of love to her fans from her own account, leading officials to believe Teresa was hiding a phone. Before I hadn't give much thought to the different concerns fame can cause for incarcerated celebrities, but Teresa Checks In shed light on some of what Teresa is going through as she serves her very public sentence.

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