It Doesn't Matter If Adele Is Singing That Song

It's hard to keep your cool when there's a chance that Adele might have released new music. It's been three years since she dropped the Oscar-winning "Skyfall" and four years since her second album, 21. The world is waiting for her next full-length release, so when we saw a teaser for a maybe-new Adele song, we all lost our chill. And, no, we have not yet reclaimed it. While it's amazing that the singer could be prepping to blow our minds with her third album, ultimately it's not important if Adele is singing the song in the clip or not.

First off, let me say that I will am just as thirsty for new Adele music as any fan. Her two albums, 19 and 21, were instant classics and got me through some pretty tough times. She's one of the rare artists who demands the time necessary to make a strong album, so whatever we hear will be worth the wait. Also, Adele's voice is distinct (read: flawless) enough that it's legitimate to wonder if that's her singing in the clip. The similarities are definitely strong, so I don't blame anyone for hoping it's a snippet from a new track.

However, as exciting as these rumors are, in the end it really doesn't matter if it's Adele singing in the clip or not. From what we can hear in the 30-second snippet, this is a really great song. The emotionally charged lyrics are filled with wanting and nostalgia, and the singer's voice is strong and stunning. Clearly, the power of the song is represented in the fact that the internet is freaking out about it — after only hearing 30 seconds.

If it turns out that Adele isn't the voice behind this clip, that means we're about to be introduced to another singer with an incredible talent. The mere thought of that is pretty exciting too. At the end of the day, the teaser is promising a new track that we're almost guaranteed to love. Not a bad thing at all.