A Compilation Of All The Guys You'll Date Online

Everyone is talking about online dating these days, but not enough people are talking about the types of guys you date online. Because online dating offers a faster and more direct way of meeting someone, you tend to go out on dates and meet more people. You would think that this means you are meeting a ton of different humans, but in reality you are often meeting people that fall into just a few categories. It's very comforting knowing that no matter the app, you will inevitably end up seeing the same kind of human over and over again.

Now, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't go out there to try and find someone. On the contrary, it means that you are figuring out this whole dating game super fast. You spot the signs that scream — click away, this person is NOT RIGHT. If anything, this really saves you time in the long run. I applaud anyone that has mastered all the categories and is able to place people faster. Just be careful and don't let these so called "categories" stop you from meeting the right guy just based off his profile. Always make exceptions.

Personally, I've given up on dating all together. It will happen or it won't happen. If it doesn't, I'll always have the fond memories of all the terrible dates I've been on. If it does, then that still totally applies. Below are just a few of the categories of guys you might encounter on a dating app. I've spotted at least three I've personally encountered.

1. The Instagram Model

I have this a habit of passing on guys that look overly-staged and handsome in their profile pictures for this very reason. ~Instagram models~ fall into that category without fail, and are super easy to find. They are so pretty it hurts to look at them directly — like the sun. And you know there's no room for you in their perfectly-curated selfies.

2. The Overly Polite Date

There is nothing wrong with being polite, but there is something a little unsettling when your date texts you as soon as you get into your car. Dating can be all about unwritten rules, and one of them is that you obviously should show interest, but you need to be aloof and breezy about it. You want to be wanted, you don't want to feel like you'll end up being a skin suit later.

If you want to see what other typed of online app dates there are, watch the full video below!

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