When it comes to having a razor sharp edge, especially in 2015 and for the foreseeable future, there is one pop star who comes to mind. The newly-single singer, 46, continues to set hair and beauty trends. Want evidence? The one and only Gwen Stefani has blue and blonde dip-dyed hair now and she looks the part of punk rock princess. Actually, make that a punk rock queen, because Stefani rules when it comes to edgy, extreme, and unexpected looks!

Stefani debuted black and purple dip-dyed blonde hair earlier this year and it slayed. It's not easy to pull off such an intricate look, with two different, dark colors on a blonde base. It's a lot of processing, it doesn't always go with everything, and the end result doesn't always come out as hoped.

But Gwen Stefani can do whatever she wants with her hair and still blow us away every damn time. Her blue dip-dye also has a layer of black in it, making it tri-colored and even more awesome.

The pop diva and The Voice coach is quite fearless when it comes to her famous platinum follicles. Check out that shock of blue. It literally pops against her platinum blonde base and looks even edgier since the cut is angular and hugs her head.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Stefani is known for her red lips, she does veer off that course every once in a while to experiment with a new look... just like she does when it comes to her famous flaxen locks. Plus, she pulls off cropped leather pants in a boyfriend cut, paired with fishnets and leopard-print heels, flawlessly.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The reason that Gwen's dip-dye blue 'do works so well is because it's just one section that boasts the color. It's a burst of concentrated color that's also concentrated in one place.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Too much blue hair could have caused this look to veer into Smurf territory.

Want to get Gwen's blue dip-dye 'do, without spending a couple month's worth of rent on the result? Well, you have one super affordable option if you have light hair to begin with and want to add some color so you can stave off style boredom.

Streekers offer temporary, bright hair color. You can swap out colors instantly and temporarily. If you have a little color fear, let it go. There's no commitment here.

Basically, you lift hair up and away from the scalp in small sections. Apply Streekers to dry hair, from root to tip, in long strokes. The color dries quickly, so be fast and careful. Wait a minute and then apply another streak of color with the lip gloss-like wand. ($12, streekers.com)

Streekers are basically like makeup for hair; that is, the color washes out when you wash your hair. When you're dunzo with blue hair, break out a bottle of shampoo and it's buh-bye time for Streekers. So if you want a cheap 'n' chic way to play with not-found-in-nature hair colors, have at it.

Stefani has partnered with Urban Decay for a makeup line that I am way stoked for, as well. She continues to be a source of hair and beauty inspo, since she knows no limits or boundaries.

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