10 Things You Did During Halloween In The '90s

Halloween is still one of my favorite holidays today. But, celebrating Halloween in the '90s? Well, I think we can all agree that it's a pretty tough time period to top. Perhaps that's because I was a kid during that decade, and it was socially acceptable for me to go around and beg strangers for candy. However, I don't know if the sweets actually have anything to do with it. Instead, I think it's simply because the '90s were the greatest period in history, ever.

I have so many fond (and hilarious) memories of Halloween in the '90s. From sitting on the floor and trading the Halloween candy I didn't like (Almond Joy, blegh) with my brother, to needing to wear a bulky sweatshirt over my costume so that you couldn't even tell what I was dressed up as, Halloween as a kid was just the greatest.

I know we all miss those classic '90s Halloween movies and all of the other wonderfulness that was associated with Halloween during that glorious era. So, I've rounded up 10 things that are sure to remind you of how you celebrated the spooky holiday during the best decade ever. Prepare to wish it was the '90s all over again.

1. You trick-or-treated with one of those McDonald's Halloween buckets.

Those plastic pails that McDonald's used to give out with Happy Meals? Those were just the best. Sure, they were a little small for holding all of your candy. But, they were too cool not to use. Plus, everyone was using them — and fitting in was way more important than your candy haul.

2. Or, if you were super ambitious, you brought your pillow case.

OK, so maybe you cared more about being able to collect boatloads of candy than going with the flow. So, instead of messing around with that dinky plastic pail, you hauled around your pillowcase in the hopes of being the champion of trick-or-treating. Bonus points if it had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Powerpuff Girls printed on it.

3. You watched Hocus Pocus every day after school.

Let's be honest, I still binge-watch Hocus Pocus. But, it was even better when I was a kid. Plus, I can't believe that I actually thought that movie was somewhat scary. Sigh, the innocence of youth.

4. And, you were obsessed with the Disney Channel original movie Halloweentown.

Remember the amazingness that was Halloweentown? It was so good, in fact, that they made a Halloweentown 2. Oh, and Halloweentown High. And, don't forget Return to Halloweentown. The fun never ends. This movie made me legitimately wish my grandma was a witch.

5. You collected those McDonald's Happy Meal Halloween toys like it was your job.

Obviously, McDonald's just knocked Halloween out of the park. Those plastic toys featuring McDonald's characters wearing different costumes? You just had to have them all. Honestly, my mom still has all of these, and puts them out as festive decorations. No shame.

6. You only wanted Warheads and Jawbreakers.

You probably shouldn't have been picky about free candy. But, let's be real here. You crossed your fingers for Warheads (which were just painful, by the way) or Jawbreakers with every doorbell you rang. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

7. You reread all of your favorite Goosebumps books.

You loved reading Goosebumps any time of year. But, when Halloween rolled around? That's when you really kicked your reading into high gear. Your teachers were proud. If only they knew...

8. You made it your personal mission to get all of the Halloween Beanie Babies.

Oh, Beanie Baby madness. Anytime a special or limited collection came out, we all went absolutely nuts. Not only were they adorable, but we were all secretly hoping that they'd pay for our college educations. Live and learn.

9. You tried your best to avoid encountering the Scream mask — which was everywhere.

Since Scream came out in the '90s, that horrifying mask was ridiculously popular. But, no matter how frequently you saw it, it never became less terrifying. It still scares me.

10. You envied all 15 of your friends who dressed up as one of the Power Rangers.

Because, was there really any other '90s costumes?

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Images: Walt Disney Pictures; kafka4prez/Flickr; Giphy (9)