Taylor Swift Has the Longest List of Best Friends We've Ever Seen

I don't know who you rung in the new year with, but chances are it wasn't Taylor Swift. That is, unless you're Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, who celebrated the start of 2014 with none other than Swift, as photos Instagrammed by both stars reveal. Yet if you're already getting jealous of Swift and Hyland's close-knit friendship, just remember that Swift is a SBF — if you're unfamiliar, that's a Serial Best Friender. Hyland is just the latest star to make "best friend" status with the pop singer, and if the length of this list is any indication, she probably won't be the last.

by Rachel Simon

1. Sarah Hyland

Those who Vine together… celebrate New Years together? Hyland and Swift have apparently been close for years, but proof of their friendship only came in 2013. Through Vines, tweets, and cat photobombs, the ladies have had no qualms about revealing their closeness to the public.

Image: TaylorSwift/Instagram

2. Hailee Steinfeld

Swift may have celebrated New Years with Hyland, but just a few days earlier, she was hanging out with a different star — Ender’s Game’s Hailee Steinfeld. Swift is apparently a “big sister” to Steinfeld, 17, and the two were even seen exploring Paris together early last year. Isn’t that what you do with your best friends?

Image: TaylorSwift/Instagram

3. Selena Gomez

We still may not know exactly what led Selena Gomez to cancel her Australian tour, but if this photo’s any indication, she’s not having too much trouble enjoying her downtime. Gomez and Swift have been friends for years, and according to Swift, Gomez is ”the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister.” Sorry, Hailee.

Image: SelenaGomez/Instagram

4. Demi Lovato

That other girl in the last slide’s photo? None other than Demi Lovato, who, despite some rocky friendship moments, is closer to Swift than ever. A few months before the star-studded Facetime, Swift and Lovato were seen shopping together in Beverly Hills.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

5. Lorde

Musically, they are as different as can be (seriously, just imagine Swift singing “Royals”), but when it comes to friendship, Swift and Lorde are two peas in a pod. Just in the last few months, the unlikely duo have celebrated Swift’s birthday, eaten Shake Shack, and gotten hibachi together. Their friendship is weird and adorable and we hope it continues forever.

Image: TaylorSwift/Instagram

6. Lena Dunham

When it was first revealed that Dunham and Swift were BFFS, most people’s reactions were something along the lines of ”what?!” After all, the women couldn’t be more different — one’s barely ever shown her belly button in public, while the other appears naked on TV like, every week. Still, maybe their friendship shouldn’t come as so much of a surprise; Dunham’s professed her love for Swift’s music, and Swift has said that Girls is one of her favorite shows. Can we say “crossover potential?”

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

7. Ed Sheeran

We know, we know, both of them have said a million times that they’re just friends, but why won’t Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran just date and make some gangly, ginger, musically-inclined babies already?!

Image: TaylorSwift/Instagram

8. Jessica Szohr

The Gossip Girl star may not be quite as high profile as most of Swift’s best friends, but she does have an advantage that many of them don’t — starring in one of the singer’s music videos. For the video of “22,” Swift enlisted many of her real life friends, including Szohr, to star alongside her, and according to the actress, “we got to eat pizza all day and then dance around and jump on the trampoline.” Because that’s apparently what Swift and her friends do together.

9. Emma Stone

They haven’t been seen together in awhile, but for a long time, Swift and Stone were practically inseparable. In 2011, Swift said that Stone “can predict my thoughts” and that she and Selena Gomez “are like sisters to me.” Seriously, how many of those does Swift have now?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

10. Caitlyn Evanson

Evanson, the fiddle player in Swift’s backing band, has been a key presence in Swift’s life for years. She may not be as well known as most members of Swift’s posse, but she’s held the “best friend” title for longer than most.

Image: CaitlynBird/Twitter

11. Abigail Anderson

Apparently, having your friend reveal to the entire world the details about how and when you lost your virginity isn’t that big a deal, because Abigail “she gave everything she had” Anderson is still close with Swift, as this photo from New Years Eve proves.

Image: Abigail_Lauren/Instagram

12. Meredith

Swift’s closest friend might not actually be a person, but rather, a little, floppy-eared cat named Meredith. Since adopting Meredith in 2011, Swift has talked frequently about her love for the cat, posting adorable photos and gushing over her self-appointed title of “cat lady.” She may not be as cool as Lorde or as forgiving as Abigail, but clearly, Meredith is the best friend Swift could ever wish for.

Image: TaylorSwift/Instagram