Zac Efron Celebrates His B-Day In A Touching Way

Sunday was a special day for the actor who will forever be known as Troy Bolton from High School Musical. That's right, it was Zac Efron's 28th birthday. However, rather than throwing himself a huge Hollywood-style birthday bash (as far as I know this didn't happen), Efron did something a bit more low-key and extremely touching. He honored his cousin, with whom he shares a birthday, who passed away from cancer two years ago.

The Neighbors actor took to social media to share a sweet throwback photo of himself with his cousin, Emily. He wrote on Instagram,

Happy birthday to my cousin and best friend, Emily, who passed away from cancer 2 years ago — she was 28 like me. We share the same birthday and this day is forever ours. My birthday wish is for you to donate anything you can to @su2c. The link is in my bio. Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes. Love you.

Not only is it amazing that Efron chose to spend his birthday by remembering his family member and best friend, but to raise awareness for cancer is noble. For those unaware, SU2C stands for Stand Up To Cancer and is an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness in hopes of helping those suffering from the disease.

Here's hoping Efron's birthday wish comes true.