Selena Gomez Reveals Her Latest Celeb Crush

by Daniela Cabrera

Although the headlines pertaining to her ex Justin Bieber have been persistent, Selena Gomez has made it clear that she has moved on and ready to dip into a new dating pool — as she should! And during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, Gomez revealed her celeb crush: Chris Evans. She told host Andy Cohen of the Avengers star, "I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans. Isn't he cute?... He's very cute."

Good taste, Selena! The 23-year-old joins the ranks of women all over the world who have a thing for the superhero babe, but I think she might have a bit more leverage for a date. You know, because she's famous and all. Cohen told Gomez of her confession, "I think he's going to love you." And I am inclined to agree!

Evans has been rumored to have gotten back together with his ex, actress Minka Kelly, but until those claims are confirmed, I'm all for an Evans-Gomez pairing — if he's game, of course. Here are some of the reasons these two should try out at least one date, because they'd definitely make for a super cute couple.

1. They're Each Others' Type

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In the past, Gomez has shared that her other celeb crushes have included George Clooney and Billy Crudup — both older, dark, and handsome. Evans has been linked to brunette babes like Sandra Bullock and Minka Kelly, so if the shoe fits...

2. He Is More Mature Than Her Past Boyfriends

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After spending the last few years being on-and-off with 21-year-old Justin Bieber, Gomez might be interested in seeing what it'd be like dating someone with more world experience. Evans might just be that guy.

3. They Both Love Kids

Earlier this year, Evans teamed up with Chris Pratt to raise funds and visit charities and hospitals, making stops at Seattle Children's Hospital and Christopher's Haven. Gomez is also known for her work with children as a UNICEF Ambassador since 2009.

4. They Both Like Chill Nights In

Sure, they both live a fabulous, jet-setting lifestyle, but Gomez has spoken about how she loves to stay in with her friends as much as she loves going out. Evans has also shared that he is more happy to spend some quality time at home. He told E!, "In the last two or three years, I go to a club and I kind of wish I was home. My idea of a good time has evolved a bit, so a night out with me might not be as exciting as it might have been a couple of years ago." Netflix and chill, anyone?

5. They Can Brush Off Media Pressure

They have both been in the business for a long time, so dating each other wouldn't be like dating a normal person who isn't used to being in the spotlight. I bet they wouldn't let any rumors interfere with their relationship, and would continue being down-to-earth and awesome.

Alright, Chris, are you reading this? Don't miss your chance with Selenita!

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