Tech 'Silicon Valley' Should Spoof In Season 3

by Keertana Sastry

The worlds of technology and comedy have never combined quite so brilliantly as on HBO's Silicon Valley. Though the good news is that Silicon Valley was renewed for Season 3, the bad news is it probably won't air until April 2016. That means fans still have several months to theorize over what will happen to our favorite Pied Piper gang, especially Richard now that the parent company, Raviga, has voted him out of his CEO position. Will Richard start another company or fight his way back into his rightful position at CEO? Will the team start working on something new? Anything can happen, but the only thing we can count on is that Silicon Valley Season 3 will continue to spoof technological advancements, just as it did in Seasons 1 and 2. It should be easier than ever, because there have been some incredible developments since Silicon Valley Season 2 came to an end.

You just can't keep Richard and his team down, which means they may be looking to invent something totally new in Season 3. Even when they've believed it's time to give up and throw in the towel on their hard work, they've somehow found a way to come back stronger than ever. Pied Piper may no longer be the company Richard, Erlich, Gilfoyle, Dinesh and Jared wanted it to be when it began, but they can still work together to create something. And that means Silicon Valley fans can be treated to great spoofs of tech that the team experiences while looking for new inspiration in Season 3. Here are a few ideas to get them started.

1. The Apple Pencil

It's a pencil! It's electronic! It helps you write on your iPad Pro! I don't think many people fully understand how the Apple Pencil works, but that won't stop us from clamoring over each other to buy them and then end up totally dependent on them. Silicon Valley Season 3 could make a genius spoof out of our need for the pencil, just like it already does with fictional Hooli products.

2. The 3D Printing Craze

The Silicon Valley writers would have a field day coming up with new, insane ways to spoof 3D printing. Just imagine what the main characters would decide to print out if they get their hands on one.

3. The Smart Mirror

Gilfoyle and Dinesh could spend hours making fun of each other if they had a smart mirror, or at the very least, invented something similar to mess with each other's appearance.

4. The Tao Chair

This chair allows people to work out while still sitting down and relaxing after a long day of work. It seems like the weirdest invention possible, but you know the Silicon Valley writers would take this and find some brilliant way to make it even more ridiculous than it already sounds.

5. Advancements In Robotics

If this is Jimmy Fallon's reaction to a beer pong robot, you can already picture how the Pied Piper team might react when seeing this kind of technological advancement. Erlich will probably die of happiness and then come up with another ridiculous use for robots, which Richard would somehow find a way to make enticing and profitable.

No matter what products Silicon Valley chooses to spoof, it should return with more hilarious material than ever in Season 3.

Image: John P. Johnson/HBO