Kanye West Drops 2 Singles, But Will They Make It Onto His New Album?

Waiting for new music from your favorite artist brings a certain level of excitement with the anticipation, but finding out that same artist just dropped new music completely out of the blue? Well, that's sort of like waking up and having someone tell you that they moved Christmas to today. That's exactly the feeling that Kanye West fans were treated to on Monday, when West dropped two singles totally out of the blue. Kim Kardashian's husband shared two new songs to his Soundcloud page, and unlike his wife, didn't even go on a Twitter spree or Instagram binge to promote it. West really pulled this one over on his fans, and it's a surprise we'll all gladly accept.

West's surprise singles aren't brand-new original songs, but they are cool versions of pre-existing tunes that you already love. The first is a new version of West's own track "Say You Will," a track from 2008's 808s & Heartbreak, which features vocals from Caroline Shaw. The new version plays around with autotune and has a much more electronic feel, while keeping to the same mood as the original track. The second is a cover of the Weeknd's song "Tell Your Friends," a track that West originally produced and has since retitled for himself as "When I See It."

Here is the original version of West's "Say You Will," recorded in 2008:

And here is The Weeknd's original track:

TheWeekndVEVO on YouTube

There is one important caveat about these two new singles: there's no word as to whether they will be on West's highly anticipated new album, reportedly titled SWISH . It seems unlikely that these songs will make it onto this new album, as neither are the new material West has reportedly been carefully crafting for the past year and a half. In fact, fans may have to wait a whole lot longer for West's new album to drop: West suggested to Vanity Fair in September that SWISH could be almost a year away from release, which isn't exactly good news for anyone craving some new 'Ye.

Of course, this is West that we're talking about: considering the fact that he just dropped two new singles without so much as a heads up, there's always the possibility that he's going to pull a Beyonce (the creator of the greatest music video of all time, duh) and release SWISH without any official announcement. Who knows: maybe West is making surprise drops his new thing.

You can listen to the new tracks on West's SoundCloud page.

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