The Strangest Celeb Pics Of The '90s

Oh, the '90s. Those were the days of great TV (Friends), watchable cartoons (Rugrats), pre-social media chat rooms (ICQ), boy bands galore (*NSYNC, BSB, 98 Degrees, etc.), and of course, the best fashion trends around (hello jelly sandals). Also, if you've ever taken time to Google "strangest celeb photos of the '90s," then you've noticed just how weird photo shoots and red carpet events were back then. Don't get me wrong, I grew up in the '90s and loved every minute of it, but some of the photos I'm about to show you are just plain weird. With that said, they are also absolutely glorious, because they're just so '90s and will undoubtedly put anyone in a good mood.

For example, take the above *NSYNC photo. I mean, what is happening there? I know it's the '90s and fashion wasn't the greates, but what are they wearing? First, that jacket Chris Kirkpatrick is sporting is very shiny, but is oh so wrong. Next, Joey Fatone's bright red hair kind of freaks me out. Also, Fatone's jacket really needs to make up its mind. Does it want to be zipped up or not? I feel like JC Chasez is trying to channel Chandler Bing. As for Lance Bass, he kind of looks like he belongs in a Tim Burton Batman movie. Finally, Justin Timberlake. Well, besides what might be a sparkly shirt, he looks pretty good.

Here are 14 more strange celeb photos of the '90s that will make those of us who grew up or lived during that decade reminiscent. However, if you're too young to remember or weren't born yet, bask in the gloriousness of these photos anyway.

1. SJP & The Water Bottle

Is Sarah Jessica Parker trying to sit on the water bottle? I think that's a trampoline she's sitting on, so maybe she was about to work out and needed the water to hydrate?

2 & 3. Any And All Boy Bands

I mean, why?! Why?!

4. TLC & Condoms

I guess it's best to always practice safe sex, even when you're not having it.

5. Spice Girls In The Locker Room

First, those platforms. Second, I know she's Scary Spice, but why is she so scared?

6. Jessica In A Padded Room

I have no idea what's happening.

7. Hanson's Photoshoots

They definitely pull off a range of emotions, but still so confused. Also, is anyone else concerned for Zac in the first photo? He looks stressed.

8. Britney Being Creepy With Dolls

Why would anyone want to pose with dolls? Thank goodness there is now Pretty Little Liars, which has taught many of us to stay away from them.

9. JTT & His Wonder Bread

Is this a promotional campaign or does JTT just really love Wonder bread?

10. Gwen Stefani In A Urinal

That just looks unsanitary.

11. Melissa Joan Hart's Complicated Hair

I guess she just couldn't decide if she wanted curly or straight hair. Now that would just take forever in the morning.

12. Will Smith & A Pillar

Did he accidentally trip? Is he doing parkour? Is he trying to balance? So many questions, not enough answers.

13. Rider Strong's Suspenders

Either he's trying to be super snazzy and cool, or he just really love those suspenders.

14. Jennifer Aniston Walking With Roses

First, is that a swimsuit she's wearing? Second, she must really love those bouquet of roses. Third, as strange as this photo is, Jennifer Aniston is totally rocking it.

Anyone want to go back to the '90s? If not for the fashion, let's go back for the photo shoots.