Twinning! Andi + Alex Wow On 'The Voice'

Truth be told: two is better than one. This statement was proven again tonight in The Voice Battle Rounds when twin sisters Andi + Alex took on 15 year-old solo artist Chance Peña. Indie-pop duo Andi + Alex beat out Peña in the "Wherever You Will Go" battle for a spot on Team Adam. Though Pena put up quite the fight, he was no match for the twins. Unfortunately for Peña, Andi + Alex's talent is so insane that they would've beat anyone who was matched up against them. Seriously, these girls are from another planet. Their voices melt together so flawlessly that they sound like one superhuman artist. At this point in the game, Andi + Alex are poised to win the competition.

Maybe it's a twin thing, but Andi + Alex's voices are made for each other. Their sounds blend together so beautifully that they take any listener captive with their talent. Together with Peña, their rendition of "Wherever You Will Go" transported me to somewhere far, far away from my bed + computer. Honestly, I started tearing up. Pathetic, I know, but that's how amazing these girls are. They're the real deal and they deserve to win this competition.

The only thing working against the twins is that they're a duo. A duo has never won The Voice in its eight seasons. That's not to say that Andi + Alex can't do it. They definitely can, but they'll have to work harder than all of the solo artists in the competition. Not only do they have to worry about themselves, they have to worry about the other. They have to constantly be in sync. For a normal duo, this is a tough thing to do — but something tells me that Andi + Alex have been in sync their entire lives.

So is the twin factor what a duo needs to take the title? It definitely won't hurt. They've still got a long way to fight in this competition, but I've got a feeling about these two. If there's ever to be a duo to win The Voice, it will most certainly be Andi + Alex.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC