Vicki Addresses Her Mother's Death On 'RHOC'

It was a rough season for Vicki. When she wasn't fighting with the women about Brooks, or visiting her daughter in Oklahoma, she was dealing with the loss of her mother. On the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Vicki addressed her mother's death in a bitter sweet moment remembering her mother. Although Vicki says that coming to terms with her mother's death has not been an easy feat as time passes, it was nice to see her remember her mother as a firecracker, proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

During the reunion, Andy asked Vicki how she is doing with the passing of her mother. Vicki says that dealing with her mother has actually gotten worse. She opens up and says that the void of missing her mom has gotten bigger and she really feels like there is no one watching over her. As if that wasn't hard enough to hear, Vicki says that she is having a tough time finding peace with not having her mother in her life.

Vicki and her family chose not to have an autopsy done on her mother, who was in her early 80's when she passed. Vicki also opened up on the scene that captured her learning of her mother's death, saying that she doesn't regret the moment, but also doesn't remember it, noting that she feels as if she blacked out.

To lighten the mood, Andy asked Vicki to remember a funny moment with her mother. Vicki told a story about how her mother was on her way to TJ Maxx and ended up getting arrested for keying a motorcyclist's ride after he flicked her off. Although it was a sad topic of conversation, it was really sweet to hear the memory Vicki shared. Her mom truly sounds like she was an amazing woman, and that story proves just where Vicki gets her lively attitude.