'Jimmy Kimmel' Asked Kids In New York And LA Questions About The Other City, And It Was Completely Hilarious — VIDEO

The bearded, ethereal Jimmy Kimmel has done it again by sending camera crews to, you guessed it, the Big Apple and the City of Angels to get some adorably wise kiddos to speak about the residents of, and life in, the other city. Videos of kids on Jimmy Kimmel Live are always amazing, and this one is no different. While in a different category than his classic segments of "Celebs Reading Mean Tweets," it's definitely worth checking out, especially if you've got ties to either city. Or have kids. Or like laughing. Just watch it.

As a former resident of Southern California (OC, for the record) I can speak to how exaggerated the stereotypes are. I mean, I had two friends who did, on occasion, make their smoothie bowls without avocado, and who only surfed three to four days a week, so there’s that. While I can’t address the comments on New Yorkers, I can say that one guy I knew in college who was from New York did talk fast but was still a lovely person all around. But, tales from my own personal experience are not nearly as poignant as what the youth are saying. For your reading pleasure, I’ve put together some highlights. And remember, as Jimmy himself says on this particular issue: “We all love each other deeply.” Fun fact: Jimmy was born in Brooklyn and now lives in LA, so it is absolutely possible to maintain ties with both cities.

LA Kids on New Yorkers

  • “They’re kinda cranky sometimes … They kind of ignore you when you go there.”
  • “People are crazy.”
  • “Very nasty and people are sometimes rude … Like, rats. And a baseball team.”

NY Kids on Los Angelinos

  • “They’re not that bright.”
  • “Slow.”
  • “I think that they’re mostly into plastic surgery. They really wanna look perfect.”

My personal favorites are the impressions that these budding social anthropologists offer in the final minute, and the freckled kid who makes it political (it appears that Donald Trump isn’t terribly popular in Cali, at least among the middle school set). Unless you are otherwise in a public place that prevents you from playing sound on your device, trust me, you’ll want to hear the kids say it themselves. There's not much that compares to the youth of today lamenting about “too much gluten in the world” and asking “how’s your business, bro?”

Here’s the full clip:

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

This isn’t the first time that Kimmel has tackled this oh-so controversial issue. He’s done some similar stunts with adults. Here's a clip from June 2015:

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

And one from September 2014:

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Finally, those who did not find their itch to consume stereotypical jokes about California residents scratched may find this sketch from SNL's 40th Anniversary episode to be satisfying as well:

Saturday Night Live on YouTube