Dena is a freelance writer and native Washingtonian who considers herself a part ’80s/part ‘90s girl. In between work, play and family, you can find her putting too much creamer in her coffee and making up her own yoga poses.

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Whoa: This Might Be The Ultimate IKEA Bed Hack

If you love to snuggle, you might want to sit down for this one. Actually, if you love to snuggle oryou've ever attempted any IKEA hacks for beds, you might want to sit down. Elizabeth Boyce of "Wandering the World Below" and her husband, along with …
By Dena Ogden

Kid Has CVS-Themed Birthday Like A Boss

You guys, if having obscure birthday parties themes for kids is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Thanks to the glorious and magical world wide web, parents are now able to publicly share the quirky interests of their kids in the form of detailed…
By Dena Ogden

Kids Give Hilarious Opinions About LA And NYC

The bearded, ethereal Jimmy Kimmel has done it again by sending camera crews to, you guessed it, the Big Apple and the City of Angels to get some adorably wise kiddos to speak about the residents of, and life in, the other city. Videos of kids on Ji…
By Dena Ogden

How Becoming A Mom Made Me Need My Own Mother

I became a mom the week before Mother’s Day of 2014. Logically, I knew everything was different now that I was A Mother, but I still felt like the same person. The lightning-strike sensation of being forever changed? It wasn’t like that for me. It’s …
By Dena Ogden

4 Things Not To Say To Your Pregnant Friend

You know you’re an adult when your Facebook feed goes from party pics and selfies to baby announcements and sonograms. When those first few friends start sharing their big news, it’s easy to wonder if you’re saying the right thing for such a major mi…
By Dena Ogden