Coco Rocha X Botkier Is Finally Here

After a very exhilarating time jet-setting around with her adorable daughter during fashion month, this model/designer has some even more exciting news to announce. Coco Rocha’s Botkier capsule collection is officially available to shop, and just in time for the holidays, at that. The timing really couldn’t be better, because these covetable bags would make great gifts. Get those wish lists ready — you’re going to want your Santa baby to slip these totes under your tree.

According to WWD, the collection is going to have eight pieces in total, but for now, only three bags are available. Still, the ones that you can snag now are amazing, so having five more come at some point would just be an added bonus. Inspired by the world's most fashionable cities, the collection is fun, chic and definitely cohesive. One is covered completely in black and gray faux fur, another comes in black or red and has silver hardware and the third bag perfectly combines elements of the other two purses into one. It’s the largest of the three and has both fur and silver accents. Not to mention, the bags are made from real leather. So when I say these are beyond stylish, I mean it.

Are you ready to see these handbags or what? Well, wait no longer...

1. Fantastic Fur

Coco Rocha X Botkier Paris Satchel, $298, Shopbop

OK, how fur-mazing is this bag? I just love it.

2. Bold Bag

Coco Rocha X Botkier Paris Satchel, $298, Shopbop

How could you say no to this bright red beauty?

3. The Perfect Combination

Coco Rocha X Botkier Tote, $358, Shopbop

If you could only get one item from this collection, why not make it this tote which so perfectly combines the other fur and leather looks, you know?

Yep, these items are at the top of my wish list!

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Images: Shopbop (3)