Ioni Conran Is The Cutest Fashion Month Attendee

This little lady follows her mom wherever she goes, which makes for one glamorous life at the ripe old age of five-months-old. Coco Rocha’s daughter has been to NYFW and PFW and is the most adorable person you’ll see this fashion month. From fashionably posing like her mom on the streets of New York and Paris to spending time in the makeup chair, Ioni Conran already lives a far more fabulous life than I do.

I guess those are just the perks of having a supermodel mommy, but man does Conran fill the shoes of a stylish sidekick well, or what? Rocking tennis shoes in NY and a beret in Paris, this little lady already knows what’s in fashion in the world’s most fashionable cities. Not to mention, she’s already a pro at posing. But, you know, what can she say? She got it from her mama!

If there were an award for the most adorable fashion week attendee, it would definitely go to this five-month-old. Rocha and she make quite the fashionable pair, and I just wish I could tag along with them. Perhaps as an au pair? Just think about it, would you, Rocha? I’d love to be a part of the action, because this mother-daughter duo is all sorts of squad goals.


Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Got to get a #FROW selfie in, as all of the fashionistas do.

Just like mom!

Getting some glam time in.

She's preparing for a long flight like the fashionable little jet-setter she is.

She's so happy to be in Paris. And look at her little beret!

She's just too cute.

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