Easy Khloe Kardashian Makeup Tricks For Halloween

by Augusta Statz

When it comes to makeup, the Kardashians pretty much have it down pat — with the help of a super amazing glam team, of course. With these easy Khloé Kardashian Halloween makeup ideas, however, you can achieve the youngest sister’s look this Oct. 31, sans the professional makeup artist. Kardashian opts to play up her eyes and lips in most of her makeup looks, and while I’m sure there’s some contouring going on, she’s not as obsessed with it as Kim K is, so most of her looks are pretty simple to recreate.

That’s not to say that she doesn’t look absolutely amazing all of the time, though. Because she definitely does. I mean, why else would you be inspired to copy her makeup for Halloween, you know? From old Hollywood glamour to a more vampy style, there are plenty of makeup looks that would make the perfect addition to your costume. Besides, there’s no better reason to go all full glam-mode than on a night of dress-up, am I right?

Check out nine different makeup tutorials that will help you nail whatever kind of Kardashian vibe you’re going for, especially if you’re interested in looking more beautiful than scary this Halloween.

1. Old Hollywood Glamour

With soft curls and a statement lip, there's no going wrong with this fit-for-the-red-carpet look this Halloween.

2. Blue Shimmer

Who could forget this makeup she rocked while in Armenia? Recreate this to compliment a mermaid costume or anything that would go with some blue shimmer-y eyeshadow.

3. Braids For Days

Kardashian always looks like she could take on the world when she braids her hair. Between those braids and that smoky eye makeup, you're going to look kick-butt amazing in your costume.

4. Bronzy Glow

Now you can have her super bronzed look, too.

5. Nude Lips

There's nothing better than a Khloé-styled sexy nude lip.

6. Vampy Look

Add some fangs and you can be a vampy vampire Kardashian with this makeup.

7. Barely There

Inspired by her Cosmopolitan spread, you're going to want to get this sultry, barely-there kind of feel.

8. Complex Style

Look just as fierce as she did posing for Complex, why don't you?

9. So Much Drama

This cranberry colored shadow will perfectly compliment any Halloween getup.

Thanks, Khlo, for providing so much makeup inspo!

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