'Batman v. Superman' Might Be Be Lighthearted

by Courtney Lindley

In anticipation of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice's release, fans have been eagerly collecting any and all information they can get. And with good reason. The film's shaping up to be the biggest, baddest superhero release of next year. But Amy Adams talked about Batman v. Superman, and the actress, who plays Lois Lane, has revealed something interesting about the upcoming superhero movie: that it might be a bit lighter in tone that what we've previously imagined. I know what you're thinking. From the looks of the teasers and trailers, Batman v Superman seems to be anything but light.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Adams explained her favorite scene to shoot, "I can't give too much away, but I'm coming into a scene and Batman and Superman are both in the scene, so I can say that. And it was just fun. Because they had been working together for a couple weeks and just running it, seeing this dynamic. I'll talk about this when we're promoting the movie and we can tell more. But there were definitely funny moments involving bat-suits and such."

Funny moments involving bat-suits?! In the DC universe, that seems like an oxymoron. Especially when you place it alongside Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne, and Henry Cavill's Superman. Two serious actors, with two serious characters, make for a film with one serious tone, right? To be fair, I suppose we haven't seen much of Ben Affleck's portrayal of Bruce Wayne, but, if the trailer's any indication, he's a tormented loner with a serious case of the broods.

I guess, then, that Batman v. Superman's tone (at least what we've seen so far) isn't surprising if we consider that the same twosome was behind Man of Steel, but I think most of us already know what to expect. Director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch), and producer Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Series, Inception) seem born to make serious films, sans humor. Snyder and Nolan's stylistic choices often involve gritty, atmospheric portrayals of "reality" amidst the comic book universe.

For some, these choices are a breath of fresh air that's different from the movies in the Marvelverse, which churns out film after film that dominate the box office each time. For others, these choices take the fun out of the thing. But maybe Batman v Superman's creative team has listened to the critiques from Man of Steel and have opted to — as Adams implies — introduce some fun into the films. Or at least strike more of a balance.

Only time will tell. Get ready to see the film — and maybe laugh a little, who knows! — when it hits theaters March 25, 2016.

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