'Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Trailer Features An In-Depth Look At The Highly-Anticipated Film — VIDEO

It all makes so much sense now! The Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer landed at Comic-Con Saturday, and it revealed what the beef is between Superman and Batman that has them "versus" each other. Remember how confused you were when you watched the Batman v. Superman teaser trailer? It almost seemed like the two characters — who never seemed to care about each other's existence before — were randomly completely ticked off with each other. I love a good superhero rumble as much as the next person, but they've got to have a reason to throw-down even if it's as simple as Batman licking all the donuts in Metropolis! (Too soon?) Luckily, this — quite frankly — epic trailer offers up all the answers as to why these two titans are battling it out.

There's also plenty of other things to geek out over crammed into this three-minute sneak peek at the movie. Wonder Woman makes her first big screen appearance revealing Gal Gadot looking fierce as the Amazon Princess, not to mention Jesse Eisenberg is seem putting his own maniacal spin on Lex Luthor. In true DC fashion, everything is dark and gritty, but having Batman and Superman against one another does give the trailer some extra oomph. There is a lot of cool crammed into three minutes, so I can only imagine what the finished product will look like.

I'm getting ahead of myself though. There's a long time between now and Summer 2016. I'm just going to be glad Batman vs. Superman officially has a coherent plot that I will now illustrate for you using gifs.

Superman's X-Ray Vision Slashed Through Wayne Finance

Apparently, Superman came to Gotham chasing an unseen big bad and mowed down Bruce Wayne's giant financial tower, which happened to be full of people — but not that cute little girl Bruce was hugging. Obviously, Bruce takes this mass destruction personally, as one does.

The People Of Gotham Are Not Happy With Bruce (At Least, Someone Makes It Seem That Way)

Bruce starts getting hate mail, and I'm though it's not confirmed, I have one guess about who sent it: his name starts with Lex and ends with Luthor.

Superman Shows Up For His Day In Court

Superman takes responsibility for his actions and shows up in court. I'm going to guess they decide not to throw him in jail though, because that would be a really short movie (or, y'know, maybe he wasn't even the one who brought the tower down in the first place). Also, Batman has done his fair share of damage to Gotham during battles and he's not facing prison time. It happens.

Superman/Clark Puts His Journalism Prowess To Good Use And Decides Batman Is Way Too Much Of A Vigilante

Clark wants to write a story on this Batman dude because he is clearly out of control, but his boss is not a fan of the idea. What Clark's boss doesn't know, though, is that Clark is Superman, and letting things go is not a concept he understands.

Enter Lex Luthor

At this point, Lex is not a player in Superman or Batman's lives. The trailer reveals he is playing the role of the puppet master here whispering in Superman's ear and trying to get the two heroes to take each other out. He also has a senator on his side, making Luthor the king of manipulations.

Superman And Batman Fall For Luthor's Machinations

Bruce is too ticked over what happened to his employees to let Superman off the hook and Superman is just absolutely not OK with Batman's brand of crime-fighting — hence their less than friendly meeting.

Things Escalate

You've got to hand it to Batman, he does have moxy. However, there's just no way he's going to win this battle unless...

Lex Has Kryptonite

...he makes a deal with Lex, who is in possession of Kryptonite, aka the only thing that can bring Superman down to Bruce's level physically. Otherwise, this whole battle thing is going to be like an ant trying to knock over a mountain (sorry, Bruce).

Wonder Woman Shows Up, Because These Boys Are Dumb

I am going to choose to believe Wonder Woman will be the voice of reason in this movie. While the boys are at each other's throats, Lex is planning a future where heroes are not a thing he has to worry about. Wonder Woman is way too smart to fall for that. (Also, look at her coolness!)

Lex Gloats About His Plan

So much smugness — but I have to admit, Eisenberg's Luthor is delightful.

And The Heroes Try To Kill Each Other

See, all of this could have been avoided by talking, but no, they go straight for ripping off car doors and throwing punches.

Will Batman and Superman chill out and realize what Lex is up to before it's too late? If they don't, I vote Wonder Woman take over all of their hero duties immediately.

Check out the trailer below:

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