One Direction's "Perfect" Music Video Is Just That

by Maggie Malach

Directioners, it's finally here! One Direction's "Perfect" video dropped and, as expected, it's all sorts of stunning. In the song, the guys try to convince us they're perfect (seriously, we don't need much persuading, One Direction), but in case they didn't make their point, this video gets the job done. Shot in a crisp black and white, it's like a love song from the band to us.

It's the first black and white video since 2012's "Little Things" (talk about a throwback), but it has all the emotion of the Ed Sheeran-penned track. For the majority of the video, the guys are seen solo, staring out of the windows of their hotel or, in Liam Payne's case, getting some ink. There are intermittent shots of the band spending time together, but for the most part, this song highlights isolation. The result is a mix of sympathy toward the intensity of their lives over the past five years, but also a reflection toward what things are like for them out of the spotlight. It just makes us love them even more.

In the first line of the song, Louis Tomlinson claims "I might never be your knight in shining armor," but the entire video refutes that claim. This is a deeper look at the lives of the band we love, good and bad. For that honesty and rawness alone, this is one of their best videos.

Image: Columbia Records (screenshot)