One Direction’s "Perfect" Music Video Is Absolute Boy Band Perfection — VIDEO

Directioners have been on an emotional roller coaster today: Shortly after cancelling a concert in Belfast on Tuesday due to illness (boo!), One Direction premiered their "Perfect" music video online (yay!). Please believe me when I tell you that the British quartet have achieved nothing short of boy band perfection with the eye-catching black-and-white clip. I haven't been this excited about a 1D music video since... well, ever! Admittedly, the Sophie Müller–directed visual owes a lot of its success to the song. "Perfect" is, in my opinion, the best single One Direction has put out since "Best Song Ever" in 2013. The track effortlessly blends the group's early pop style with their newfound modern rock edge, and the result is, well, pretty much perfect! But that's not the only reason the treatment is worth watching over and over and over again.

You see, the "Perfect" music video doesn't get bogged down trying to tell some ridiculous, convoluted story (a pitfall of so many music videos these days). No, instead, it wisely focuses on 1D members Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson goofing around, having a good time, and looking handsome in a New York City hotel. I mean... that's all most fans are looking for, right? Add to that a bunch of cool shots of the NYC skyline, and you've got yourself a great vid!

Here's just a sampling of the memorable moments that helped One Direction achieve true boy band perfection:

Every Single One Of These Brooding Glamour Shots

So dramatic.

This Iconic Slow-Motion Harry Moment

King of Pop.


See? Things are totally cool after Zayn Malik's departure. Everybody's still friends.

Niall + Guitar = *Swoon*

Niall is underrated, tbh.

When Harry Pretends To Smoke A Pipe For Some Reason

Somebody get him a Golden Globe.

Good-Natured Horseplay & General Merriment! (A Boy Band Music Video Staple)

They're having the best time.

Everything That's Happening Here

Remind you of anything?

Love it.

Images: OneDirectionVEVO/YouTube (12); Giphy