These One Direction "Perfect" Video GIFs Are Glory

by Maggie Malach

Stop everything because One Direction's "Perfect" video is here, and it's the stunning visual to one of the best songs (we've heard) off of Made in the A.M. If we're being honest, it's hard for One Direction to not look amazing when shot in black and white. But while 2012's "Little Things" celebrated the sensitive side to the biggest boy band in the world, "Perfect" shows what these men are like now that they're all grown up. The answer: Flawless.

Much of the video shows the band members spending time alone in their hotel rooms, so it's hard to escape that loneliness. They've been working non-stop for five years, which is no doubt exhausting for them. But on the hand, "Perfect" shows their chemistry together and how genuinely happy they are to be a group. Their ability to push through the hard times and stand by their fans is touching, especially as the One Direction hiatus looms closer.

At the core of the video, however, is the reason fans fell for One Direction in the first place. Their flaws aren't hidden, and we all connect to that vulnerability. Here are 13 times One Direction were flawless in their "Perfect" music video.

1. The Sun Beaming Down On Louis Tomlinson

Um, yes, you're totally our knight in shining armor, Louis Tomlinson.

2. Liam Payne Staring Into Our Souls

BRB, melting.

3. Pensive Harry Styles

Is there anything dreamier? No. No there is not.

4. Styles Dancing Down The Hall

You know, just a day in the life.

5. The Band Hanging Out

It's not midnight driving with the windows down, but I'll take it.

6. Tomlinson Telling Us We're Perfect

Burning this to memory.

7. Niall Horan Playing Guitar

AKA serenading us.

8. Styles Doing This

What's even happening here?

9. Styles Claiming He's Perfect For Us

Because he is.

10. But Also This Shot Of Styles

So let's start right now.

11. Payne Getting Inked

Seriously high threshold for pain.

12. This Pillow Fight

Is this what they've been doing for the past five years?

13. This Closing Shot

Cue my heart breaking.

No matter what happens post-hiatus, One Direction will always be perfect to me.

Images: Columbia Records (screenshot); Columbia Records (13)