How To Clean A Leather Jacket

Fall is in the air, and that means it's time for pumpkin spice everything, oversized scarves, boots, and most importantly, leather jackets. It's finally leather weather, but there are perils that come with this season. One of which is that your jacket has been in storage, so how to clean a leather jacket becomes an essential part of bringing out the leather goods agains. Not to mention, no one — and I do mean no one — is capable of keeping a piece of outwear totally clean. While your bomber or moto jacket may be sturdy, you'll definitely need to know how to keep it in tip top shape.

Fall fashion is abundant. Whether you're rocking cardigans, boots, or oversized, chunky sweaters, your fall fashion items require care. None get a worse rep for not needing cleaning than outerwear though. The truth is, however, that like your favorite pair of cold weather jeans, this sturdy piece needs maintenance. Your heavy duty outerwear needs to be cleaned between seasons, and while recommendations that this happen by a professional may be made, there are ways that you can help keep your leather gear nice and tidy between dry cleaner visits.

Try To Prevent Stains On Your Own

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Wearing a scarf with your leather jacket will help prevent makeup stains from dotting the collar. It's an easy way to prevent the simplest of stains to your leather jacket.

Attempt Simple Cloth Cleans First

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According to Wikihow, leather jackets are durable and can easily be cleaned — for the most part — with a simple wipe down with a damp cloth or wipe. Before heading to the dry cleaner, attempt to remove dirt this way.

Try A Light Use of Diluted Detergent

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The last thing you want to do is dunk your leather jacket into a vat of Gain. Instead, lightly wipe down the jacket with diluted detergent for more set in dirt and stains. Don't scrub at the coat either. Your leather is delicate.

Wash & Dry In The Machine

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This option is only acceptable if you're going for a lived in, cracked leather look. Maybe you're rocking a bomber jacket this fall instead of a fitted moto? Well, this my be your go-to option. Just remember, your leather will definitely come out damaged — but in a cool way.

Household Items Are Your Friend

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Olive oil and vinegar are a major hack to spot cleaning a leather jacket. Over at WikiHow , they recommend using olive — or other vegetable oils — to lift stains. Once removed, go back over the jacket with an oil and vinegar mix that will condition the leather.

Consider The Dry Cleaner

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If you're really concerned about the condition of your leather, skip the at-home attempts to clean and go for the dry cleaner. Leather jackets don't need to cleaned often, and the cost will be worth it for leather in tip top shape.

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