Gabi Needs To Return To SF On 'Young & Hungry'

Young & Hungry Season 2 ended with Josh sending Gabi and his brother Josh off to Coachella in a revamped food truck, meaning the will-they-or-won't-they between chef Gabi and her boss Josh remains at "won't." But, knowing Gabi's luck, she will probably end up back in San Francisco by next season in some crazy way. There are no confirmed spoilers for Young & Hungry Season 3 yet, but I bet it will open with Gabi returning to Josh's employ after something insane happens with Jake and the food truck in Coachella. Because all three of those things are just ripe for hilarity.

But, Season 2 isn't exactly over just yet. Young & Hungry will air a Christmas episode named "Young & Christmas" on Nov. 24 and, according to an ABC Family press release, it doesn't seem to give any Season 3 hints — or follow the chronological Coachella timeline. "Young & Christmas" will feature Jackee Harry as Yolanda's estranged sister Jolanda, Gabi and roommate Sofia spending the holidays volunteering at a soup kitchen, and Elliot missing now-hubby Alan. When Season 3 premieres, ABC Family will have turned into its new channel, called Freeform, and Gabi will have had some brand new misadventures, but will she and Josh finally end up together? We shall see.

For now, here are some ways I can see Gabi getting into trouble at Coachella and that lead her back to San Francisco in Season 3.

1. Food Truck Fire

As viewers learned in the Season 2 mid-season premiere, Gabi isn't good with fire — and she lost her prestigious fellowship in Switzerland by setting fire to the chef's chicken. Whoops. What if fire strikes twice and Gabi sets fire to the precious food truck Jake bought her and Josh refurbished for them? And, since they didn't have insurance, Gabi returns to San Francisco.

2. Hipsters Attack!

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, Coachella — the land of flower crowns, music enthusiasts, and hipsters with money to burn on super expensive tickets to this desert festival. If there's anything hipsters love more than music festivals, it's food trucks. Granted, gourmet cuisine on wheels isn't as cool as it was a few years ago, but what if hipsters finally revolted against food trucks in Coachella — and Gabi & Josh's poor truck takes a hit?

3. A Bad Trip

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Coachella always boasts a pretty kickass EDM act — last year it was Calvin Harris and this year it was Kygo. So, what if Gabi got totally into the spirit of the music festival and discovered a the food truck was gone the next morning? She and Jake might have to figure out the night, Hangover-style. Turns out, she traded the truck for some glowsticks and the teenagers she gave the truck to won't trade back.

4. Not-So-Great Food Truck Race

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While at Coachella, Jake and Gabi's food truck is a huge hit and it gets the notice of a Great Food Truck Race-like TV show. Gabi and Jake are thrilled to enter and compete, but one of the producers sabotages the truck and makes it break down to cause drama for the cameras. Unfortunately, this causes some issues between Jake and Gabi, too, and they decide to break up when the truck breaks down.

5. Locked Out


After a very exciting day at Coachella, Gabi and Jake might feel good about themselves and celebrate outside the truck, but what they don't realize is that they accidentally left the keys inside. Whoops. They try every which way to get back inside, but it winds up destroying the food truck as they know it.

6. Nothing Goes Wrong At All

Maybe everything goes right for Gabi this time around. She and Jake are happy. The food truck does incredibly well at Coachella. And, Jake wants to propose. Only problem? Gabi realizes she loves Josh.

No matter what, I'm sure Gabi will bring the funny — and the delicious food in Season 3.

Images: Adam Rose (2)/ABC Family; Giphy