Is ‘Young & Hungry’ Coming Back For Season 3?

With ABC Family’s Young & Hungry Season 2 finale on Wednesday, fans are anticipating Elliot and Alan’s fabulous wedding and sitcom love triangles. Fans are also wondering, will there be Young & Hungry Season 3? Yes, ABC Family has renewed the comedy starring Emily Osment for a third season, though a release date is not yet scheduled. (Or I should say ABC Freeform, not Family. The network will officially change to the new brand name on January 1, 2016. ) Anyway, the finale is sure to leave fans in anticipation of the third season with a new romantic entanglement getting in the way of the Gabi and Josh will they/won’t they storyline — Josh’s younger brother. A trailer for the episode “Young & Younger Brother” shows Gabi and Jake (the titular brother) getting steamy in the kitchen, to Josh’s chagrin. So, how far is this brotherly competition for Gabi going to get? I guess we’ll just have to tune in to see.

With a juicy finale approaching and a confirmed third season, there are a few things Young & Hungry fans are going to want resolved. Here’s a guide to what we want to see on Young & Hungry Season 3?

Less Boy Drama For Gabi

I know we all want Gabi and Josh to get together. And, maybe ABC Family wants to drag that out a little more, which is fine. But does she have to have so much boy trouble? As if Josh and Cooper weren’t enough, now we have to throw a brother into the mix.

More Boy Drama For Sofia

Ok maybe not drama for Sofia, but something for Sofia. She has it together and is cute and great, why is she always the B storyline? She’s been unemployed and she’s been dumped. Let’s give her some happiness next season.

More Adorable Aprons

For being broke, Gabi drops some serious money on aprons. I mean, how many does she own?

More Of Elliot’s Terrifying Mother

We want to see how she factors into married life in her new role as mother-in-law.

Maybe A Family For Elliot And Alan?

Speaking of married life for Elliot, you know what the rhyme says, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes … " Could fatherhood be next for the newlyweds? They did mention it before in "Young & Earthquake," but they weren't ready yet. Who knows?

For more info about the Season 2 finale, check out the episode’s trailer!

Images: Ron Tom/ABC Family