14 Times 'Scream Queens' Was You At Work

by Caitlyn Callegari

Scream Queens is a campy, purposefully over-the-top dark comedy. The characters are more like caricatures than they are representative of a fictionally realistic person. As I’m sure you’ve caught on by now, this is purposeful. They’re supposed to represent stereotypes and preconceived societal notions. But, that doesn’t mean that Scream Queens one-liners aren't undeniably slick. In fact, it’s in their gross overexaggeration of emotions that we can sort of identify with, in certain instances. Let’s face it; we’re all a bit theatrical in one way or another. In fact, you know where I am at my most melodramatic? The stress palace I like to call the workplace.

Now, working in an office is not all bad. Having a job is swell, getting paid is even better, and, if you truly love the swell job you’re getting paid for, it’s the best. But, we’re human, and there are some definite instances when we’d like to pull out each individual hair by the root, given some mortifying, perplexing, and/or aggravating situations that undoubtedly arise. This, my friends, is where the Scream Queens goodness comes in. The show supplies us with GIFs of feelings that we wouldn’t be able to articulate otherwise. You know, even for the good, gratifying work instances.

Here are 14 times we basically were Scream Queens in the workplace.

1. When You're Forced To Stop Working On Your Very Important Project To Attend A Meeting

And, the bagels were stale.

2. When The Internet Goes Down And They Let You Leave Early

*Sprints out in a gust of wind like The Flash*

3. When The Dude That Doesn't Ever Pull His Weight Actually Contributes Something

How wonderful.

4. When The Office Caters Chipotle For Lunch And There's A Tray Of Individual Side Guac

And you're reminded you work here for a reason.

5. When You Overhear Your Office Crush Say Where They're Going For Happy Hour... And You "Unexpectedly" Show Up With Your Crew

Is that creepy?

6. When The New Boss Has To Tell The Staff They're Cutting Certain Office Perks

*Bites nails as co-workers sharpen their pitchforks and ignite their torches*

7. When Your Work BFF Tells You She's Leaving, But You're Trying To Play It Off All Cool

Stage of grief: Denial.

8. When You Eat Someone Else's Lunch And You're Trying To Deflect The Blame

It was a poorly constructed tuna fish sandwich in a bag with no name on it, Roberta. LET IT GO!

9. When Your Supervisor Announces That The Office Will Be Switching To Standing Desks

It's considered torture in some countries. At least it should be.

10. When You're The Intern That Gets Promoted To A Full-Time Position

Listen, it's a dog-eat-dog world when you're unpaid.

11. When You And Your Desk Mate Conspire To Leave The Office And Get A Mid-Afternoon Coffee

We were both in the copy room... helping each other xerox and stuff.

12. When You're Trying To Get The Rest Of The Office Into The Holiday Spirit

I mean, would it kill you all to make this house feel like a home?!

13. When Everyone's Crunching For A Deadline And Working Straight Through Lunch, But You're Not Having Any Of That

A lunch break is WITHIN MY RIGHTS!

14. When They Put A Firewall In Place And Restrict Your Favorite Sites

On cyber Monday. Like tyrants.

So, before you up and judge a Chanel, make sure you aren't totally being one, first.

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