The Red Devil Had A Busy Night On 'Scream Queens'

When Zayday was elected co-president of Kappa Kappa Tau in the Oct. 20 episode of Scream Queens, "Seven Minutes In Hell," I cheered and she immediately got down to business. It's no secret that Zayday dreams big (after all, this sorority presidency is merely a stepping stone to becoming President of the United States), and the first change she wanted to implement as Kappa prez is stopping the Red Devil(s). And, what better way to do that than by having all the sisters participate in lockdown slumber party — complete with a game of Truth or Dare that would force the Kappas to reveal their secrets? Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and not one but three people were killed by the Red Devil.

The first victim was poor Caulfield, who just cannot catch a break. I mean, wasn't it bad enough that he lost his arms and got whacked in the face with his own baseball bat a few weeks ago? As he bravely attempted to climb a ladder into the Kappa house, the Red Devil heartlessly knocked him to the ground and attacked the poor guy again — except this time his weapon of choice was an axe, not a chainsaw. Oh yeah, and he went straight for Caulfield's head this time, so I think this is really the last we've seen of him.

But the killing spree was just getting started. Chanel #3 dared Sam to go into the basement, and she met a pretty grisly fate down there — as she hid in the infamous bathtub, no less. Sam had the good sense to ask the Red Devil to show his or her face before the murder (props to her for that — I would totally not be that collected if I came face-to-mask with this killer). "I knew it was you," she told the Red Devil before getting whacked. (Rest In Peace.) I wish that was a major clue, but since everyone is a suspect... it didn't really help us armchair detectives all that much.

Meanwhile, back upstairs, Chad was busy scoping out the fridge and speculating that the Red Devil is trying to kill the Kappas by starving them to death. (Again, not helpful.) Then he went off to hook up with Chanel (much to Hester's creepy chagrin), while Chanel #5 headed upstairs with Roger (not to be mistaken with Dodger, his twin who was murdered in last week's Shining-inspired maze). But the Red Devil struck again, with another strange weapon of choice — a nail gun. Seriously, I've never heard of a serial killer with such a diverse array of weapons at their disposal.

So, here we are with a rapidly increasing body count and not too many new clues. It's mighty suspicious that Gigi was absent all together in this episode, and Dean Munsch and Grace's dad only showed up onscreen at the very end of the episode — hours after all the murders took place. We know that the Red Devil isn't working alone, and there are major red flags pointing to all three of these sketchy authority figures. Could they have been absent because they were busy helping (or being) the Red Devil during this super busy, chaotic killing spree? Plus, Denise Hemphill was absent altogether. Perhaps Dean Munsch kindly gave her the night off so the Red Devils could have free reign of the Kappa House.

Although we didn't see two Red Devils onscreen together in "Seven Minutes In Hell," it seems highly likely that at least two killers were at work in the episode. Killing three people in one night would be exhausting, especially if you had to haul around so many murder weapons. We learned last week that Gigi is pulling the strings in some way — and, based on this episode, I'd say Munsch and Grace's dad are rising on the suspect list too.

Image: Patti Perret/FOX