4 Timeless Sweater Styles To Get You Through The Winter — And How To Mix Them Up

This is not a test — sweater weather has officially arrived. Gone are the days of "maybe I'll bring a light jacket" and here are the days of "how many things can I wear at once without looking like Joey in that episode of Friends ." It's easy to get in a fall/winter rut, but it's those timeless sweater staples that can really be your savior all season long. And the best thing about investing in winter sweaters is their infinite possibilities. Of course you're bound to pick up a few trendy pieces season to season, but they should never form the backbone of your wardrobe. Some really solid basics can be worn in all kinds of ways, and keep you from getting sick of your closet when you're rotating a stockpile of cozy layers.

When it comes to dressing for the chillier months, it's all about combinations. Knowing which silhouettes compliment each other and how to layer your favorite pieces means so many more outfit possibilities than you ever imagined. And this shouldn't come as a shock, but the most classic sweaters in your arsenal tend to be the most versatile. From V-necks and striped crews to turtlenecks and oversized cardigans, we've partnered with Nordstrom to break down the best (and many) ways to wear four must-have sweaters that will serve you for years to come.

Caslon Side Zip Stripe Crewneck Sweater, $58 at Nordstrom

A little collegiate, a little nautical, and totally timeless. A slightly roomy cut and colorplay up top mean this pullover is just as comfortable as it is versatile. Wear this to stay cozy while traveling or while doing all of your holiday shopping. Pair it with skinny jeans and booties to go out, then keep it on with your favorite knit joggers when you get home.

Halogen V-Neck Lightweight Cashmere Sweater in Red Bloom, $89 at Nordstrom.

A cashmere V-neck truly never goes out of style. This bold hue balances classic styling to work with anything from boyfriend jeans to skirts. Wear it on its own or layer up with outerwear — or even a lightweight button-up underneath. A sweater like this can be as casual or dressed-up as you want it to be.

Madewell Marled Patchwork Open Front Cardigan, $118 at Nordstrom.

You know those winter days when you're just so cozy inside that you can't bear the thought of going out into the cold? This is where oversized cardigans and sweater coats come in. Essentially, these are super-cute blankets with sleeves that can be worn out of the house. Wear it with a slouchy tee and jeans, leggings while you're running errands, or even with a bodycon dress and over-the-knee boots for a night out. Problem solved!

Vince Camuto Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater in Perfect Plum, $89 at Nordstrom

A few good turtlenecks are absolutely essential to any winter wardrobe. They are, basically, a scarf-sweater hybrid — which somehow looks totally chic. A deep wine color like this dresses the silhouette up, adding a serious dose of adaptability. Pair this with your favorite casual bottoms during the day, or dress it up at night with a leather skirt. Looking put-together never felt so cozy.

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Image: Liz Minch / Bustle