This Scary Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume Idea Lets You Be Fierce & Frightening This Year

Halloween is the best time to shamelessly honor and show off your guiltiest pleasures — for instance, your love of Kim Kardashian. Whether the world likes it or not, Kardashian is an iconic celebrity figure at this point, so was only natural that Halloween costumes inspired by her started popping up. People have been dressing in Kim Kardashian Halloween costumes for years now, but they often don't add the creepy seasonal edge that Halloween calls for. A scary Kim Kardashian costume is perfect because you can be spooky, but also still look fierce in your outfit. One way to Halloween-ify a Kardashian costume is to dress up as a vampire Kim Kardashian, and I will show you how to do just that.

It's actually not too far-fetched to be a Vampire Kim Kardashian. Remember back in 2013 when Kardashian got a "vampire facial" on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami ? She uploaded a creepy photo of her face covered in blood and she looked as relaxed as ever. I guess some people will do anything to stay forever young, eh? So, it should just be a natural progression to be Vampire Kim. Vampires are also known to be fierce seductresses, so that part should come easy with a little Kim inspired body-con dress and intense contour.

The Outfit

This all Givenchy look might be out of anyone's budget who isn't a Kardashian, but a similar lace and sheer dress would work perfectly. The more flowy and gothic-y the better. The one below is from Forever 21:

You can also go for the more body-con Kim look with a high-neck fitted dress. This one is also from Forever 21:

For either look, you need to add a dramatic cloak/cape situation to really set the spooky mood, like this perfect one from Target:

The Accessories

Ideally, you want to have lots of Boho-style charms, necklaces and earrings. We are going for fierce Vampire Queen here. These layered charms from F21 below would work, or you can also go the route of a romantic lace choker for a more intense look.

The Glam

Now, for the make-up, you should embrace the signature Kardashian contour, and then add on the rest of the vampire look. Important here is that although you are contouring, you need to make sure that you lighten up the entire palette, because vampires are, uh, are essentially dead and all that. You can do a base of contour with your shade, and then follow some of these steps below to get a super sexy vampy look:

Lupe Netro on YouTube

I love this tutorial because it combines a lot of contour looks that Kardashian uses, but makes them much more extreme and gory, which is the key. Don't be afraid to get wild with the fake blood. To add to some spookiness, and sexiness, you can add some white or very bright colored contact lenses if you have darker eyes. This will make your look pop even more against the darkened eye makeup.

There you have it! Being Vampire Kim Kardashian lets you get the best of everything: sexy, fierce, and a little terrifying.

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Images: Forever21 (3); Target