Brandi Glanville Is Too Spunky To Keep Off 'RHOBH'

You either love her or love to hate her, but if you're a fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you probably consider Brandi Glanville as much a staple of the show as diamond jewelry. Believe it or not, according to Us Weekly, Brandi Glanville is returning to RHOBH for Season 6 after announcing in June she'd had it with the reality TV show and was leaving for good. Judging by the latest news, you may not enjoy the extreme dose of Brandi you've come to expect, but if fans get even one cross word or slap delivered by her capable hands this upcoming season, it will make up for the 42-year-old's absence from most scenes. Bustle has reached out to Brandi's rep for comment on the report, who says Brandi cannot comment .

Here's the deal: the former model has reportedly taped several scenes for the upcoming season and will "pop up here and there," an insider told Us Weekly, but will not be considered a full-time cast member. I'm guessing producers probably figured the other Housewives would threaten to jump ship if they knew Brandi was officially returning, um, you know, because she was hated by every single one of them and threw a cocktail at Eileen Davidson. But that's pure speculation on my part.

A second source told Us Weekly that producers realized Brandi's energy would be missed and that they "brought her back to bring in some drama and liven things up." You can say that again. Given the fact that they've reportedly replaced her with not one, but two new Housewives — Kathryn Edwards and Erika Jayne — I had the feeling producers were worried fans would miss a woman who is, arguably, the biggest drama queen in the entire Housewives franchise.

Brandi's "spunk" can't be denied (I've used the most endearing word possible to describer her because she is one of my favorites). Here are six times she was on top of her Housewives game for better or worse. OK, mostly for worse.

1. When She Slapped Lisa Vanderpump

Was there a more awkward moment in Real Housewives history? What began as a joke (I think) took a turn for the bizarre when Brandi slapped Lisa leaving her and the other women totally stunned.

2. When She Talked Crap About Yolanda Foster's Daughters

Of all the Housewives, Yolanda Foster is one of the sweetest and kindest — certainly not the one you want to attack after she tries to help you deal with your possible drinking issues. When Yolanda confronted Brandi as a friend, the mom of two seemed to take offense to the suggestion that she drinks too much, and turned it around on Yolanda by criticizing either Bella or Gigi Hadid (it's never clear which) for drinking — something that quickly, and understandably, puts Yolanda on high alert. Does Brandi ever have a filter?

3. When She Insulted Babyface

It's somewhat comforting to know the Housewives aren't the only ones receiving Brandi's vitriol. No one is spared, not even musician Babyface. While dining with the 10-time Grammy winner, his wife, and her other cast mates, Brandi had a very not-nice thing to say about the size of the engagement ring Babyface bought his wife.

4. When She Threw A Drink In Eileen Davidson's Face

The gang, and especially Brandi, really wanted to see Eileen reenact a scene from Days of Our Lives, even though they were sitting and having a perfectly lovely dinner. So yeah, that was all kinds of obnoxious and you could tell Eileen felt very uncomfortable with it. But you can't say Brandi didn't give the actress fair warning that she would be wearing that drink if she didn't hop to it and act her heart out. Cray, cray.

5. When She Threatened To Fight Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards may not always be her sister's biggest fan, but it's pretty clear she is against her keeping company with Brandi and it's simple to see why. When Brandi showed up at a party with Kim, Kyle was not happy. Needless to say, Brandi threatening to knock out her teeth didn't help matters.

6. When She Called Eileen A "Homewrecker"

Even after Brandi forced Eileen to wear her drink, the two proved they couldn't see eye to eye. Brandi was trying to make a point about how every Housewife has issues, but she made a glaring mistake when she accused Eileen of being a "homewrecker." Did Brandi not stop for a second and think, gee, this might not go over well?

Whether that made you even more excited for Brandi's rumored return or frightened by the thought of her just making everyone's lives more difficult, she's certainly a wildcard — something I'm sure producers love about her.