Florence & The Machine's "Delilah" Video Will Move You, As Evidenced By These 11 GIFs

Your day just got even better, because we've got the latest installment in Florence and the Machine's series of music videos. The "Delilah" music video finds front-woman Florence Welch wandering through a disturbing motel complex, where she undergoes a variety of religious experiences and eventually interacts with a goblin. It's a powerful visual, but in line with what we've come to expect from the always-original singer.

Florence and the Machine's videos are so artistically well-done and provocative that I won't attempt to break down a meaning to "Delilah." However, the imagery is definitely worth a discussion. It's a grungy setting in which to see Welch, but that's only the beginning of the video. At the start, she is sprawled out on the couch, listening to a man explain, "You think you have lost your faith, but you have not. You have only misplaced your faith and you can find it where it lays now, deep in your soul. And the way to do that is through the simple process of love. Love yourself, forgive yourself. You can't love and forgive other people if first of all you don't love and forgive yourself ..."

This sets the tone for the entire video, as Welch not only appears to undergo religious experiences, but includes plenty of symbolic nods as well. You can check out the 11 most moving GIFs from "Delilah" below.

FlorenceMachineVEVO on YouTube

1. This Opening Shot

Which sets the scene for the entire video.

2. The Two Florences

And one of them is reaching out to the other.

3. This Possible Samson Reference

Although that could be my interpretation of her cutting his hair.

4. This Emotional Embrace

And Welch's expression says everything.

5. This Nod To Original Sin

Again, it could just be me projecting.

6. This Powerful Experience

Which appears to be a turning point.

7. This Goblin Interaction

I won't wager what this symbolizes, but it looks serious.

8. This Choreographed Moment

One of the coolest parts in the video.

9. This Intensity

This took an even more serious tone.

10. This Change In Scenery

And suddenly we're out of the motel.

11. This Closing Shot

It appears that Welch broke character for this ending.

You can watch Florence and the Machine's "Delilah" video above.

Images: Island Def Jam (screenshot); Island Def Jam (11)