15 '90s Halloween Costumes You Definitely Wore When You Were A Kid

Ah, the '90s. What a wonderful decade it was... and what wonderful '90s Halloween costumes you wore during it! As fun as Halloween may be now that you are a full-fledged adult, it is even more fun to reminisce about the good times of yesterday, (or, you know, 15-plus years ago). Get ready friends, because we are about to take a nice, long stroll down Halloween memory lane, and chances are, you're going to be pointing at about half of these costumes saying that you totally dressed up in them during those blissful, pre-millennium years.

The '90s were a special time, when acid wash denim was cool, blue eyeshadow was on point, and the more neon your clothing was, the better. As far as pop culture went at the time, you can bet every '90s kid had a poster of either Gwen Stefani, The Spice Girls, or Friends (the TV show) decorating her wall. Even thinking about it now gets me feeling nostalgic. Halloween is only days away, and now you get to relive what costumes you thought were the right decision when you got to stop being that awkward '90s kid for a night, and instead be one of these equally awkward '90s icons. Why is everything so ridiculous is retrospect?

1. The Power Rangers

When you were a kid, before the days of high budget DC Comics films and over-the-top special effects, no one was cooler than the Power Rangers. You tuned in every day after school, and when Halloween rolled around, everyone fought to be the pink Power Ranger, because she was clearly the best.

2. The Ninja Turtles

They might have been reptiles, and they might have only had two toes, but that didn't stop you from dressing up as these pizza-loving street heroes of the '90s.

3. The Spice Girls

Yo, I'll tell you what you wanted, what you really, really wanted: to be Baby Spice. But you would make due with Posh.

4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

It happened, and it was 100 percent amazing. And obviously, you were singing the theme song all night long.

5. The Matrix

Remember Keanu Reeves in his heyday? If you wore any type of floor-length black leather coat, you were automatically going to be associated with The Matrix.

6. Scream

With Scream being released in 1996, you can bet this costume was topping the costume charts that very same year!

7. Britney Spears

While Britney was mostly a 2000s sensation, "Baby One More Time" actually came out in 1999, meaning the craze for all things Brit (including Halloween costumes) started in the '90s.

8. Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? At your Halloween party, of course!

9. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts

If this wasn't the perfect Halloween excuse to wear colorful wigs in the '90s, then I don't know what was.

10. South Park's Cartman and Kenny

Yup, South Park has been making us laugh for a little under two decades. Crazy, I know.

11. Batman and Catwoman

You and your boyfriend had to dress up in coordinating faux leather costumes in 1997. You just had to.

12. Wayne's World's Wayne & Garth

Remember this dynamic duo? They were the epitome of '90s ridiculousness, and coincidentally, made the perfect costume pair for best friends.

13. Madonna

Madonna is pretty much timeless, meaning you were dressing up like her all through the '80s, '90s, and 2000s.

14. Buzz Lightyear (or Woody)

If you weren't dressed up like Woody from Toy Story in 1995, then chances are you were dressed up like Buzz Lightyear.

15. Somebody from Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is kind of the greatest Halloween movie ever made, and you knew that from the moment it came out. You had three witches to choose from (though Bette Midler's character always seemed to be the one worth fighting for).

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