20 Super Easy Halloween Costumes For '90s Kids

There are about a billion reasons why '90s Halloween costume ideas are the best ideas. From mood rings to horror movies, the '90s were just too good. Obviously, I might be a little biased. Since I was born right before the '90s began, I was able to soak in every nook and cranny of this vibrant decade. My childhood was full of Lisa Frank stationery, every flavor of Lip Smackers, and Nickelodeon shows. Computers made their way into classrooms for the first time, I was obsessed with Goosebumps , and the era of Britney began. Seriously, the '90s had it going on.

With all that said, I couldn't let the Halloween season come and go without scoping out the greatest '90s costumes out there. The amazing thing about these outfits is that they'll turn you into a magnet for other people in your age group. Basically, only other '90s kids will understand some of these outfits. It's like some kind of crazy '90s vibe emits from each of these costumes.

Now, if only those '90s vibes were visible to the naked eye. I have a feeling they're shaped like tube tops and slap bracelets, bouncing around to the beat of the All That theme song. But hey, maybe I'm wrong. If you decide to take on one of these amazing '90s costumes, keep me updated on what you experience. I have a feeling it will be like, totally awesome.

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1. ty Beanie Babies

A '90s childhood wasn't complete without a Beanie Baby or three (hundred). This insane craze took over the '90s, creating a serious cult following.

To turn yourself into a stuffed collectible, dress up as your favorite animal. Next, wear the iconic "ty" heart tag around your neck. Your best bet is to print out the logo, punch a hole in it, and add it to some string. Easy peasy.

2. Angelica

With just a few carefully selected garments, you can transform yourself into the sassiest, oldest member of the Rugrats clan. That's right, I'm talking about none other than Angelica.

To start off, layer a red long-sleeved top under a purple sleeveless dress. You'll also need red socks and purple sneakers. As for the leggings? Take a blue pair, and stitch (or hot glue) green felt circles. Finally, throw your hair up in pigtails with purple bows.

Of course, we can't forget about Cynthia. Take a Barbie, and dress her up in a yellow and red striped dress. You can easily make one with yellow scrap fabric, a glue gun, and red paint. To complete the look, recreate Cynthia's iconic hairstyle with a healthy dose of hair gel.

3. Krumm

While Aaahh!!! Real Monsters was only on air for three years, every '90s child knows all about this quirky show. To make this Nickelodeon-inspired Krumm costume, you'll need head-to-toe pink, or flesh-colored clothing. Adhere black yarn to the arm pits, slap a big ol' blue smile onto your chest, and carry two eyeballs made from Styrofoam.

4. "...Baby One More Time" Britney

I can't look at this Britney costume without hearing the first few notes of 1998's "Baby One More Time" in my head. And if you're a true '90s child, I don't even need to play it for you.

To turn into the teenage version of the pop princess, you'll need a black bandeau, a white button-down, a gray cardigan, and a black school girl skirt. Top off your braided pig tails with fuzzy hair ties and pink bows. Here's a tip: head to the craft store to buy faux fur trim and ribbon by the yard.

Time to perfect those hallway dance moves, lady.

5. Britney, Justin, and Denim

While we're on the topic of Britney, can we just take a moment to bask in the infamous Jitney denim ensemble? This would be an amazing couples costume to take on... just saying.

Fortunately, this costume is easy to recreate. Basically, wear a denim dress, a flashy necklace, and pose for the paparazzi like the pop star you are.

6. Harriet the Spy

Get inspired by the teenage Michelle Trachtenberg with this simple costume. Layer a dark hoodie under a yellow raincoat, carry around a marble journal marked "PRIVATE", and get to snooping. What's up, 1996.

7. Lisa Frank Cheetah

As a '90s child, I've come to learn that you can guess someone's age by how they react to a Lisa Frank character. It usually involves some kind of eye bulge and excited squeal — or is that just my reaction?

Using only makeup, you can transform into Hunter the rainbow cheetah. Take a tip from this clever lady, and cover parts of your body with a gradient of colorful eye shadow. Next, draw leopard spots with an inexpensive black eyeliner from the drugstore. Throw on some cat ears, and you've got yourself the best '90s outfit, in all your rainbow glory.

8. TLC

Grab two of your best girl friends, and dress up as one of the best R&B groups of all time. To really bring the look together, make sure there's a matching element in all your outfits. This particular girl gang got it down with the coordinating plaid and chain necklaces.

It doesn't hurt to have the letters "TLC" on your shirts, too. Just in case, you know, some people just don't know about good music.

9. Marge Simpson

While The Simpsons first debuted in late '80s, the Simpson clan rose to fame in the early '90s. It goes without saying that dressing up as our fave leading lady, Marge Simpson, is so spot on.

To do so, you'll need yellow tights, and a generous helping of yellow face or body paint. Next, slip into a neon green dress, and embellish your neck with some red baubles. You'll also need a blue tubular wig to top off the look. If you can't find one on the web or you're running out of time, hot glue blue faux fur or yarn to a sheet of blue card stock. Wrap it around a beanie, and hot glue in place. Done and done.

10. '90s Gwen Stefani

Gwen was the ultimate badass '90s "it" girl. No Doubt was my jam, and I may or may not keep a Tragic Kingdom CD in my car. Seriously, everything Gwen did was so right.

These days, Gwen is still killing the game. To honor her '90s awesomeness, wear an outfit channeling her ska-inspired style. I'm talking wallet chains, plaid everything, crop tops, and suspenders. So good.

11. Spice Girls

It doesn't matter what tunes you listen to these days. You weren't a real '90s child if you didn't have some kind of Spice Girl lovin' in your life. And can we just talk about Spice World? I'm pretty sure 1998 ruled because of that movie.

In just one photo, I present you with five costume ideas. Choose your favorite Spice Girl, grab some platforms, and practice your British accent. To really spice up your life, get four of your close girl friends in on the fun.

12. Cher

Bring out your inner Beverly Hills diva by dressing up as the one and only Cher. Think preppy, argyle, and plaid. Even better if it's all at once. You also probably shouldn't leave your valley girl accent at home. As if!

13. Dionne

Dionne is to Cher like cheese is to macaroni. Or something like that. Either way, Cher isn't Cher without her best girl, Dionne.

To dress up as Dionne Davenport, wear plaid separates, and top it off with a ridiculous hat that only a mother would love. A white top hat with a red faux flower and pleated black paper will do the trick.

14. Misty

Pokémon stole the spotlight back in the '90s. To dress up as Misty, our favorite heroine, you'll need a yellow crop top, red suspenders, and denim shorts. Don't forget to throw your hair up in pigtails, and wear some awesomely chunky sneakers.

As for that adorable Togepi? So brilliant. To recreate this look for your pup, draw blue and red triangles on a white shirt. Not bad for a two-in-one idea.

15. Hilary Banks

If you're a real '90s child, you're all too familiar with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. You're also probably familiar with the stylish snootiness of Will Smith's oldest on-screen cousin, Hilary Banks. I mean, if that name doesn't say fashionable, I don't know what does.

To use Miss Banks as your Halloween muse, dress up in a posh vintage outfit, a dainty hat, and sparkling costume jewelry. Don't forget to bring on the shoulder pads.

16. Helga Pataki

Man, Nickelodeon really won the '90s. Hey Arnold! was a cult favorite that I can still get behind. How can you not adore that kind-hearted football head?

Of course, we can't forget about Helga and her hilarious secret crush on Arnold. That tough girl facade was something else. Luckily, her outfit isn't too tough to figure out. All you need is a pink dress, a white t-shirt, and an enormous pink bow. To complete the look in true '90s fashion, tie your hair in pig tails and wear your best frown.

17. Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego may very well be one of the most brilliant fictional villains of her time. Known for her elaborate cases of theft, this mysterious woman still managed to teach kids a thing or two about geography. What started out as a game turned into a television show and book series, making Carmen one of the best educational icons of the decade.

That's why I'm swooning over this Carmen Sandiego costume. It is also SO easy. All you need is a long red coat, a black belt, a red floppy hat, and a strip of yellow ribbon.

18. Lara Croft

Gamers will adore this trip down memory lane. Lara Croft, the star of 1996's Tomb Raider, is the perfect costume when you're pressed for time. You'll need a tank top or t-shirt, brown shorts, and combat boots. A thigh or leg harness wouldn't hurt, too.

19. Daria or Jane

A '90s list wouldn't be complete without MTV's Daria Morgendorffer and her gal pal, Jane Lane. Cynical and witty, these two are ladies after my own heart.

To dress up as Jane, you'll need a black t-shirt and a red blazer. A short dark-haired wig can really complete the look. As for Daria? Hipster glasses, a green blazer, and a smug look is all you need to make this costume happen.

20. '90s Girl

When all else fails, dress up as a straight-up '90s girl. Also known as you in the '90s. Right? Right.

This particular lady did it right, so many times. A bandanna tube top, UFO pants, jelly bracelets, body glitter, puka shell necklaces, single strap backpack... just to name a few. Simply head to the closest thrift store, and go crazy. Like, duh!

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