What Is Leaving Netflix In November? Say It Ain't So 'Fargo'

If you're busy catching up with spooky October activities like haunted houses, carving pumpkins, going to pumpkin patches, and drowning yourself in pumpkin spice everything, add another item to your list: watching all the movies on Netflix that are going to disappear like ghosts on November 1. Because what's scarier than trying to watch Fargo on November 2, and realizing you missed your chance? Yep, the streaming service is taking the Coen Brothers' first film away from us. Aw jeez. So what other movies are leaving Netflix in November? Well, a lot.

So make a little time to cozy up with some spooky snacks and some cider and watch these great movies before they are nothing but a memory. There are a ton of good films that are about to go, and, luckily (but also unfortunately), many of them are scary, spooky, creepy, and in general. They're festive for the month of All Hallows' Eve, but, if you're not into the dark stuff, there are still fair frew for you to queue and stream.

Get to movie-marathoning, and, if you're worried about time management, don't worry: watching Netflix is the perfect accompaniment to crafting your DIY Halloween costume.

Saw I - V (November 1)

The gory torture flicks are super popular, and, if you're a fan of James Wan's series, than you better catch up: all of the Saw movies available on Netflix are leaving the site on November 1. Wanna play a game? Try watching all five without puking. It's a challenge!

Scream (November 1)

In honer of Wes Craven's passing, this 1996 horror film is probably the one you should watch first. Spoiler alert: it's still incredible and horrifying.

Cleopatra (November 1)

You don't have to watch the whole three hours of this 1963 classic, but Elizabeth Taylor is breathtaking and powerful as Cleopatra, and her chemistry with her IRL husband Richard Burton as Antony is fire. Sexy people in sexy outfits, and a story of one of the most complicated and mysterious female rulers in history.

Funny Games (November 1)

The original Austrian Funny Games is a truly terrifying tale of two psychopaths that capture and torture a family. If you like thriller and you liked Prisoners or even have seen the 2007 American remake but not the original, now's your chance to get totally creeped out by the magnitude of evil that human beings are capable of! But you have to read the subtitles.

Batman & Robin (November 1)

The 1997 version starring George Clooney and Alicia Silverstone is just... so campy, it's good, and then back to campy again. Watch it for old times' sake.

Fargo (November 1)

You betcha :(

The Blues Brothers (November 1)

You're on a mission from god to watch this before Netflix takes it down.

Stand By Me (November 1)

One of the most beautiful adaptations of a Stephen King novella, this story of youth, friendship and grief will make you sob as the song of the same title plays over the credits. I miss you, River Phoenix.

Rudy (November 1)

This 1993 film starring Sean Astin as the titular Rudy has been hailed as one of the most inspiring sports films of all time: Rudy wants to play football at Notre Dame, and, despite the mighty hurdles in his way, manages to fulfill his dreams. It's a good one to transition into football season.

Get to watching, people! There are only ten days left!

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