Enid Might Be A Wolf On 'The Walking Dead'

The most recent episode of The Walking Dead was all about Enid and she managed to keep the spotlight for most of "JSS" — aside from those moments of Carol being a total badass, obviously. I already had some suspicions that Carl's new friend was different from the rest of the group, and everyone in Alexandria, but it wasn't until last week's episode that I realized just how different she might be. A popular fan theory is that Enid is a spy for the Wolves, as explained by CinemaBlend, and after the events of "JSS," I think it's just a matter of time before we see that prediction come true.

Last week, The Walking Dead gave us a closer look at the Wolves and they were absolutely awful. It all started when Carol was looking out the window when a woman was brutally murdered in the middle of the Safe-Zone. Everyone started freaking out and running away, proving that Rick was 100 percent correct when he said the town would need his group. Carol and Morgan pretty much held down the fort since Glenn, Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, and Sasha were all busy trying to move thousands of zombies away from the twon. It was a brutal attack that made for a devastating episode, but we learned a few things: the Wolves don’t have guns, Carol is still the best character on The Walking Dead, and there are many reasons to believe that Enid cannot be trusted.

Where Was Enid Pre-Alexandria?

"JSS" gave us an overall background of Enid’s life. After watching her parents get eaten by zombies she had to “Just Survive Somehow,” and she did. She managed to keep herself alive, but seemed to travel throughout the area, so there's a very good chance she ran into the Wolves somewhere along the way.

She’s Always Leaving The Safe-Zone

Every time we saw Enid before this episode, she was sneaking out of Alexandria. Why? Where was she going? Just because she can hold her own against the walkers, doesn’t mean she should risk going outside of Alexandria's walls alone for no reason. Maybe she was meeting the Wolves and planning the attack.

She Was Suspiciously Calm During The Attack

Did anyone else notice that while the rest of the town was being murdered and running away, Enid was perfectly calm and walked into Carl’s house like nothing was wrong? It seems suspicious that she wasn't worried at all — maybe because she was expecting it to happen, and knew that she was safe from her fellow Wolves.

She Had Every Key In Town

We assume that all of the Wolves got into Alexandria by climbing over the walls because that’s what was shown, but some could have gotten help from someone on the inside. When Enid randomly showed up at Carl’s house with a master set of keys for what seemed like every door in the town, that was a huge red flag. Unfortunately, Carl didn't seem to pick up on it.

She's Gone

The last mention of Enid is her leaving a note for Carl that reads “Just Survive Somehow.” Why would Enid choose now to go out on her own? Maybe she left with the Wolves, not because of them. Her plan could have been to help them into Alexandria and then leave with them after the attack.

She Shares Similarities With Lydia

In The Walking Dead comics, Lydia comes in a bit later and is part of another savage group called The Whispers, who wear the skin of the Walkers so they go unnoticed. Despite being from the different groups, Carl and Lydia date. Starting to sound familiar? We haven't met Lydia on the TV series, but it's possible that Enid is its version of the comic character.

Even though we learned a lot about Enid in "JSS," there's still so much we don't know, and I have a feeling that by the time we discover her full story, it'll be too late.

Images: Gene Page/AMC; Godesess/Tumblr (6)