Carl & Enid Amp Up The Fear On 'The Walking Dead'

Carl had some solid bonding time with Enid on Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead. But can she be trusted? Carl followed her into the woods and she asked him to stop because she was afraid of him. The two of them talked about wanting to play outside like normal kids for a change, and that they did.

Enid made the dry comment that "it's their world, we're just living in it" — what a philosopher. She should crochet that on a throw pillow. She was talking about the Walkers, but I suppose she could have also been talking about the Alexandria residents as well. In another corner of the woods, Daryl and Aaron are working together, and on Talking Dead, their bond has been attributed to a shared status as outsiders.Carl and Enid have made a similar connection. They've been outside longer than the other kids. It seems Carl, and us viewers, can trust Enid, but you can never fully let your guard down. The Alexandria Safe-Zone has proven that.

I know I'm old and just as cynical as Enid, but a lot of this storyline made me want to laugh. The slow-motion frolicking alone was too much. Enid saying that Carl was afraid of her too, but in a different way? I get how that's supposed to be romantic, but I'm a little bit wary of it. Frankly, Enid has good instincts if she's afraid of Carl. He may be young, but he's done some scary stuff. Look, I've been scarred by Twilight, y'all, and besides — there is a pretty realistic domestic violence plot happening only two doors down.

On the other hand, I'm a fan of Carl having a peer and a potential love interest. This "scary" girl with her mom's knife who says her past history doesn't matter may be the only person that Carl can really talk to. The least trustworthy thing about Enid is that she doesn't want to remember certain things. Her memory preferences are selective. She doesn't want to forget being outside, but wants to forget what happened to her there. That doesn't make her suspicious, but rather proves that whatever happened must be pretty bad.

Image: Gene Page/AMC