Leslie Knope Has A Lot Of Thoughts On Biden's News

by Maggie Malach

With the 2016 presidential election almost exactly one year away, we just got confirmation that Joe Biden is not running for president. Of course, Biden is currently serving as vice president of the United States and his candidacy for commander in chief has been up in the air for some time. While the nation is sure to have mixed reactions to the news, the opinion I'm most interested in is that of Leslie Knope.

Played by Amy Poehler, the Parks and Recreation character was a champion for the government and a superfan of Biden's. Biden even made a guest appearance on the show, playing into the long-running joke about Knope being obsessed with him. "It was a very casual joke pitched in the writers room one day a long time ago," Parks and Rec co-creator Mike Schur told Entertainment Tonight. "It just sort of took hold, and once you give a writers room a bone like that, they are just going to chew it forever."

Leslie Knope isn't one to keep her opinion to herself, so I imagine that she'd have lots of thoughts on Biden's announcement. (Of course, this is meant to be taken light-heartedly, given Biden's personal reasons for not running.) Check out 11 of her possible reactions in the GIFs below.

1. Pondering The News Over Waffles

How else does one handle major news?

2. Planning Hangtime With Biden Asap

You know she has a lot to discuss.

3. Looking For Potential Openings For Him In the Parks Department

Being Biden's co-worker is probably her dream.

4. Relief That She Won't Have To Go Up Against Him

She did casually mentioning wanting to run for office in 2020 or 2024.

5. Organizing A Meeting Between Him And Ron Swanson

If there's anyone who can convince Ron Swanson to be okay with the government, it's Biden.

6. And Likely A Meeting Between Him And Tom Haverford

Because Tom has friends in high places.

7. Crying Tears Of Joy

He'll have so much free time to spend with her.

8. Crying Tears Of Sadness

Since he's not running for office.

9. Calling A Baby-Sitter So She Can Maximize Biden's Free Time

Best to plan ahead.

10. Making A Binder. Obviously.

Because that's what Leslie does for all major events.

11. Excited That A Woman Could Take Office

Hillary Clinton, you have Leslie Knope's vote.

No matter how she would react, you know Leslie is approaching the situation with utmost vigor.

Images: NBC (screenshot); Giphy (11)