"Hotline Bling" Halloween Costume Ideas

by Daniela Cabrera

Ever since Drake dropped his "Hotline Bling" video, the references and memes have just kept coming. Drake is a man who knows what he is doing. Aside from having one of the biggest breakout singles of the entire year, he released a music video featuring dorky dance moves and James Turrell inspired backdrops, showing us he is ~care-free~ and ~artsy~, and I am here for it. Halloween is less than two weeks away, so was it really a coincidence Drake dropped the video now? I think not. To insure you have the most topical costume at any party, here are some ways you can put together "Hotline Bling" inspired Halloween costumes for you and your friends.

Honestly, the first thought I had when the video opened up with the hotline babes was "COSTUME! NOW! YES!" "Hotline Bling" can inspire many different types of costumes: a solo costume if you go either as one of the hotline girls; a couples costume with a hotline girl and one of Drake's looks; or a group costume if you and your friends, who are also huge Drake fans (I assume), dress up as a bunch of hotline girls. Here's how to put together easy "Hotline Bling" music video inspired Halloween costumes to make sure you're *blinging* all night.

Hotline Girls

This costume is ideal for people who just cannot be bothered with intense makeup and wild costumes. The first thing you will need is the pink t-shirt. You can literally get a tee like this anywhere, but American Apparel makes a nice one, which you can tie up on the side:

Unisex Short Sleeve Crew Neck, $10, Amazon

If you don't want to keep explaining your costume throughout the night, you can go for this literal "Hotline Bling" t-shirt from Amazon inspired by the single artwork:

1-800-HotLineBling, $16, Amazon

The second part is stretchy, light washed denim jeans. Ideally, you want a lot of spandex (jegging-like) to show off the booty, like these from Amazon:

Low Rise Skinny Jeans , $32, Amazon

To finish the look, you need your hotline headset. Walmart carries the toy one below and it's a steal.

Headset, $4, Amazon

Hotline Drake

Whether the costume is for yourself, your boo, or your friend, I personally think Drake has two iconic looks going on this video for options. You've got Red Puffy Jacket Drake and Grey Turtleneck Drake — both good Drakes.

For Red Puffy Jacket Drake, you need... a red puffy jacket. These can get a bit pricey, so luckily if you live in the North, this can be an investment. For instance, if you don't already have a red jacket, this one is available for $60 at Hollister. Or you can hit up the thrift store.

Red Jacket, $60, Amazon

He wears a white Air Jordan shirt underneath. This one is available at Eastbay.

Jordan, $25, Amazon

The bottoms are just any light-wash denim jeans and you can either go for the real classic Timbalands or a similar looking and more affordable Target version.

Timberlands, $112, Amazon

And now, we have grey turtleneck Drake.

Some options include this cableknit sweater from Topman:

Sweater, $65, Amazon

Or you can opt for this darker heather grey version from Abercrombie. Any material will do, but what is most important is the turtleneck. Next, couple the sweater with some sweatpants and the same boots you would use for the red jacket look and VOILA! You're Hotline Drake.

Pretty much all you have to do now is either assemble a huge group of hotline girls or go out with your boo. Start practicing your dance moves.

For more Halloween fun, check out Bustle's video below, Professionals React to Sexy Halloween Costumes!

Images: Giphy (4); American Apparel; Etsy; Forever 21 (2); Walmart; Hollister; Eastbay; Target; Topman