The 'Mike & Molly' Cast Can't Wait For Season 6

Though it's had a longer-than-usual than absence from television, Mike & Molly will return for Season 6... eventually. While there has yet to be an official premiere date for the next season of the CBS sitcom, the cast has reassembled to begin filming the latest season and have been posting pictures to social media to celebrate the return of the show. Though Melissa McCarthy hasn't left the public eye since the show last went off the air — she's been too busy starring in summer blockbusters like Spy, filming the next Ghostbusters, and managing her own clothing line — it's been a while since we've heard much from Billy Gardell or Katy Mixon.

Season 5 of Mike & Molly featured long-awaited book publishings, engagement fake-outs, and Margo Martindale (who seems to dropping by every television show in existence). No episode details have been released about Season 6 yet, but the only thing that matters is that audiences will be treated to new half-hour installments of McCarthy and friends being silly. Now that Season 6 is finally in production, it's time to order some greasy "Abe's Hot Beef"-appropriate food and salivate over these cast pictures to hold you over while you wait.

The Gang's All Here

Gardell kicked off the filming process for Season 6 by assembling the cast for an impromptu group photo.

Co-Star Clothing Support

McCarthy's Seven7 clothing line is all kinds of wonderful, and it's an absolute delight to see her enjoy its success. Mixon even showed her support of her co-star's clothing line by incorporating it into her own wardrobe! If that's not a great display of cast love, I'm not sure what is.

Swoosie & Reno

Swoosie Kurtz is amazing, and Mike & Molly returning means we all get a little more of her in our lives, which is a great thing. This will have to fill our Kurtz-related cravings until Netflix or Hulu hopefully revives Pushing Daisies, which also had some fantastic Kurtz performances.

Nyambi Nyambi is Adorable

Nyambi Nyambi clearly loves being a part of Mike & Molly so much, and these pictures of him with his mother at Abe's Hot Beef display a great mother-son bond.


Oh wow, I really hope getting "McCarthy'd" becomes something that happens all the time, and she ends up intruding in the pictures of every celebrity in Hollywood. I hope one day I look at a picture I took and discover that McCarthy was in the background the whole time. Everyone should get to experience that.

The Show Must Go On

Reno Wilson is a very engaged and active member of social media, and is willing to get into the down-and-dirty "behind the scenes" action that plagues the life of a sitcom actor. Sometimes you have to go to the read-through, even if you have a cold. The best part of this tweet is that it shows that as of Oct. 15, the cast and crew have at least four episodes written and in production, which means it shouldn't be much longer until they grace our TV screens for Mike & Molly Season 6.

Image: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Entertainment