When Is 'Mike & Molly' Season 6? You May Have To Wait A Bit For More Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is spitting out Hollywood blockbuster comedies faster than you can blink. It's a wonder that has time in her schedule to fit in an award-winning network sitcom, and yet she does. Mike & Molly was renewed for Season 6 on CBS, so when does it start? The show has been running smoothly since 2010 and don't worry — it's not going anywhere.

While a specific date has not yet been set, last week at the CBS Upfront presentation, network executives revealed that Mike & Molly Season 6 will premiere at midseason. So, this means we won't be seeing it in the 2015 fall schedule right away. We're looking at a premiere date as early as October or November and as late as January or February of 2016.

"Midseason" is a flexible term that changes based on the network and the series. Sometimes, shows are put on the air midseason to fill a timeslot when show is canceled. Other times, as ABC is popularizing with Galavant and Agent Carter, a midseason takes over the timeslot of a popular series to retain fan viewership while that series is on hiatus.

Since Chuck Lorre reigns supreme with sitcoms at CBS, I would presume that the latter is the case. Mike and Molly is a reliable alternative for the network. It will most likely return to Monday nights where it has been airing for years. It's possible that CBS could move the series to Thursday nights, especially since NBC has removed their Thursday night comedy block from the schedule completely. I wouldn't worry about the "midseason" diagnosis for the show. Community popularized the belief that midseason is a death sentence. However, the times (they) are a changin' and the last two seasons of Mike and Molly premiered at midseason as well, in November and December respectively. There is no cause for alarm.

In the meantime, you can get your Melissa McCarthy fix by seeing Spy in theaters this summer, watching Gilmore Girls repeatedly on Netflix or obsessing over every detail of the all-female Ghostbusters reboot. Or, you know, you could check out McCarthy's clothing line. Sorry fans, but it's no wonder Mike & Molly isn't on the fall schedule!

Images: Trae Patton/CBS; Giphy