Get Ready For The New Canary On 'Arrow'

Arrow fans that are aware of the midseason spinoff DC's Legends Of Tomorrow know that the White Canary is coming, and that involves the infamous Lazarus Pit. What will happen to Arrow 's Sara Lance in the Lazarus Pit, besides the whole coming back from the dead thing? There have to be side effects. Plus, according to the official CW press release for the upcoming episode "Restoration," the mission to bring back Sara Lance won't be that easy. "...Laurel talks Thea into returning to Nanda Parbat to ask her father to put Sara into the Lazarus Pit. However, Laurel is surprised when Nyssa refuses to do it."

So, now we know how she gets there after Laurel's vow to do it in last Wednesday's episode. The main concern is, what will Sara be like after she comes back? Will she be on Team Arrow, or against them as a villain now, 100 percent? In DC Comics, the White Canary is not exactly a good gal. We know that the Lazarus Pit has a sort of "hangover" that goes with it. Thea Queen is still feeling some of the aftereffects. Felicity called it "Pit Crazy." So, while Sara might come back to "normal" or something next to it after a while, keep in mind that she's been dead for quite some time now.

The Lazarus Pit is a staple of DC Comics, particularly when it comes to Green Arrow and Batman. It is associated with Ra's al Ghul and explains how he has been lengthening his life. On the CW series Damien Dahrk, Thea Queen, and multiple Ra's al Ghuls have gone through it. The most common side effects are aggression and disorientation. Oliver observed this in Thea upon returning to Star City, though it has gone from blinding to occupational. Memories can also be temporarily damaged or changed.

The other common side effect, of course, is increased strength, jumping, and superhuman ability. Thanks to the League of Assassins and other training, Sara was already proficient in several kinds of combat and can withstand high amounts of pain. However, she isn't enhanced in any way. We've already seen Damien Dahrk's powers. This transformation could make the White Canary more powerful than ever before.

This is not great, because girl's got a lot of enemies. She is definitely going to change, or we wouldn't be seeing her on the Legends of Tomorrow team. Honestly, I think the first person who needs to watch out is Thea Queen herself — unless by some miracle Sara remembers someone else killing her. Still, at least Sara Lance is back! Her death was a huge conflict on Arrow and this decision will only bring more consequences.

Images: Diyah Perah/CW; urukhai (2); thedarkoneswan (2)/Tumblr