12 Videos Of Babies Laughing That You Need To Watch Based On What Adult Struggle You're Living Today — VIDEOS

Oh, adulthood. That thing we were so eager to reach but turns out to be nothing but, well, a one-stop track for the Struggle Bus Express. Being somewhat of a “big kid” means stress levels are high, bills are a foregone conclusion, you have coworkers you’re forced to get along with, and you’re not supposed to eat pizza rolls four nights out of the week (but, I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do, and I am not here to journey-judge).

There are so many annoying things about being an adult that can leave you in a ball on your bathroom floor, rocking back and forth and wishing you could go back in time where naps and snacks and zero responsibilities were a thing.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to cure your adulthood woes: Adorable babies laughing. And they have to ability to undo nearly any adult woe that ails you.

Depending on what you’re feeling on any given, definitely overwhelming day, a simple video highlighting the cutest of childlike chuckles can make you feel like you’re miles away from your problems. In lieu of an on-call therapist, a few expensive prescriptions or constant, reassuring text messages from your bestie, we have babies and their belly laughs.

Check out our list of adult-life ailments, and our prescribed baby-fueled cures. Press play and, before you know it, you’ll feel like you can adult again.

Your Boss Is Making You Come In On A Saturday

BruBearBaby on YouTube

Have no fear, burp-laughs are here.

Your Student Loan Payment Is Due

BruBearBaby on YouTube

If only we could rip up that bill and laugh just like this little one.

Netflix Is Down

perfectfire on YouTube

This one is serious, and requires an extra dose of giggles.

You Really Need To Clean Your Apartment

tintinhormel on YouTube

If only chores could be this fun.

You Have To Make A High-Level Presentation

Zach Monroe on YouTube

Those dance moves would make anyone laugh hysterically, let's be real.

You Lost Your Job

BruBearBaby on YouTube

Maybe we should all just start ripping up paper on a regular basis? It seems to work wonders.

You’re Stuck In Traffic and Late For Work. Again.

TheDirtcardriver17 on YouTube

Sometimes, you just need to laugh at someone else's pain.

You Spilled Your Coffee

Rumble Viral on YouTube

If this doesn't give you caffeine-free energy, we don't know what will.

You're Forced To Sit Through A 3-Hour Conference Call

ale alex on YouTube

If this kid's laugh doesn't do the trick, his adorable fat rolls definitely will.

You’ve Over-Drafted Your Account

colinandkatrina on YouTube

There are no words, just laughs.

Your Rent Is Due

BruBearBaby on YouTube

I imagine my landlord's laugh is somewhat similar, when he receives that criminally-high check.

Your Ex Just Texted You: "You Up?"

This requires a straight-up compilations because, well, you've got some serious problems. God speed.

Image: David Hilgart/Flickr