There's More 'Kingsman' On The Way

Fans of exquisitely crafted spy moves, mark your calendars for June 16, 2017 — because that is the day the Kingsman: The Secret Service sequel hits theaters. Yes, there's no script yet, or even a title (right now, it's just Kingsman 2), but Entertainment Weekly has confirmed the English spies with the killer combat skills are getting a second movie. (Now, the only thing needed to make this news perfect is Michael Vaughn signing on to direct — everyone keep your fingers crossed Vaughn reaches a deal soon. I mean, who else can lead Eggsy and Roxie on their next mission?)

Speaking of their next mission, I am already daydreaming about the madness the Kingsman sequel has in store. The first movie introduced the rag tag group of anti-James Bonds and served up the perfect villain in Samuel L. Jackson's blood adverse Valentine. The next movie has to come up with an equally cool and original story, plus bring on a new villain. I have no doubt Vaughn and company can make magic happen twice. The world they created is completely addictive, and no one wants to leave it behind just yet. Personally, I just want more of everything because the movie was basically flawless, but I will settle for more of the following seven things in the next Kingsman .

1. Roxy/Lancelot Kicking All The Butt Onscreen

There was not nearly enough of Roxy's stone cold badassery onscreen in the first film. As she's the new Lancelot, there needs to be so much more of her being an active part of the secret service action.

2. The Return Of Harry...Somehow

According to Cinema Blend, the team at 20th Century Fox is as enamored with the charms of Colin Firth as everyone else. Everyone from the studio to his co-stars want Firth back for the Kingsman sequel, despite his bloody demise in the first movie. How will they accomplish bringing Harry back from the dead, though? I mean, whatever they decide, I'm behind it — I just want more of Harry in some form. I will even settle for a hologram! I am not picky.

3. An Even More Devious Villain

Topping Jackson's Valentine as a main villain is going to be no easy task, but I would love to see the sequel try. Valentine's nefarious brain-exploding via technology scheme was some A+ villainy. The next movie can (and should) go bigger... or, if those Harry has an evil twin rumors are true, go more personal.

4. All The Elaborate Action Shots

The scenes in the pub and the church were both drool-worthy action set pieces. Kingsman put the fun back into the action movie genre with inventive use of weaponry and by embracing the over the top nature of the spy genre. A second movie means the action should get bigger, sleeker, and even more jaw-dropping than it was the first time around.

5. More Eggsy & Roxy BFF Times

Eggsy and Roxy shared some perfect scenes. They have all kinds of chemistry, and watching them together puts a big, goofy grin on my face. I want more of that — with zero romance, please. These two agents should be concentrating on saving the world and bantering, and it would be awesome to see them working as a team now that they are both full-fledged agents. They have what it takes to be best mates and spies, and the results would be next level awesome.

6. All The Meta Spy Movie Dialogue

A little meta can go a long way, so I don't want to see the sequel become too self-aware. However, a big part of what made Kingsman such a great movie was its ability to wink at the audience. Keep the nods to famous spy tropes and snarky lines coming — as long as the sequel doesn't get too caught up in its own coolness it's all good.

7. Eggsy Being Torn Between Two Worlds

The whole world opened up for Eggsy in the first movie, but I would love to see the next chapter of his story balance his rough-around-the-edges upbringing with the refinement of being part of the Kingsman. I quite like the smart-mouthed kid Eggsy was when he was first introduced, and seeing him confront his past and his future via a mission would not only be a classic spy story, but also a whole lot of fun for the audience to watch.

Can you believe a second Kingsman is actually happening? No matter what happens in the sequel, I have a feeling the next installment is going to be just as enthusiastically unique as the first.

Images: 20th Century Fox; Giphy (3); havvkeye/Tumblr (2); therealladyhawkins/Tumblr