8 Ways To Use The Middle Finger Emoji

You can go ahead and quit this day, because it isn't going to get any better than it just did — iOS 9.1 is here, and the middle finger emoji officially exists now. I know. It's almost too much to take in on a Wednesday afternoon. Of course, the middle finger emoji isn't the only oh-so-important feature Apple rolled out with the update; iPhone and iPad users are also now privy to new wallpapers, motion support for Live Photos, and more. Did I mention the fact that middle finger joins more than 100 new emoji, putting it in the company of the Vulcan Salute as well as iMessage symbols for tacos, burritos, and cheese wedges? Heyyyoooo! Still, let's get real: We cannot wait to commence overusing the ever-loving heck out of the long-awaited middle finger emoji.

But, lest Android users slink away in a sad state of middle finger emoji lacking dejection, hark: Android WhatsApp users have actually been enjoying the use of the middle finger emoji since August. As for the rest of the new iOS emoji, though? Alas, Android users will simply have to wait. (WhatsApp comes close, but no taco.)

Since we're all dying to download the update and start flipping everyone and their proverbial brother the digital bird, though, here's the scoop for all you happy Apples out there. To install iOS 9.1, simply go to Settings > Software Update, and wait for the magical new emoji to flood you with joy.

Until then, check out a few stellar suggestions for ways to use the middle finger emoji once you've downloaded it. We've been waiting for it for so long that you may as well get as much use as possible out of it, right?

1. In Total Excess

They say two heads are better than one, and I contend the same logic applies to middle finger emojis — only, for dramatic effect, the ratio should be more like six middle finger emoji are better than one.

2. In Your Bio

If you've got a profile that needs sprucing up, toss a few middle fingers in that sucker. It would lend a certain je ne sais quoi, don't you think? Or, at the very least, inform people you heart emoticons. Just, y'know, be aware of how it's going to look in professional settings (that is, not very).

3. When You're Trying To Be Succinct

It takes so much more time, energy, and character count to tell someone off using words than it does to send them a middle finger emoji. Just think of it as the personification of Staples' "Easy Button."

4. When You Realize You're Out Of Coffee

Picture this: You wake up and head into the kitchen to fix your morning cup of joe... only to realize you used the last of your coffee yesterday. Middle finger emoji all day. (I'm looking at you, life.)

5. When BFF Says Unicorn Emoji Trumps Middle Finger Emoji

If only there was an emoji of a unicorn flipping the bird — then our lives would really be complete. Until then, putting your delusional bestie in check with a well-timed middle finger emoji or two will have to do.

6. In a Moment of Authenticity

Real talk: You haven't truly been able to be your authentic self on social media prior to this moment, because you did not have an emoji to match all of the middle fingers in your inner monologue. Now you do, my friend. We all do.

7. As a Punctuation Mark

I mean, it does kind of look like a little exclamation point. And what better way to end a sentence, really?

8. Just Because

There is a pattern emerging here, and you may have picked up on it — there is no wrong way to use the middle finger emoji. Got a new car? Send someone the middle finger emoji! Just had your teeth cleaned? Send someone the middle finger emoji! Life is rife with possibilities now. Thanks for that, iOS 9.1. You have our undying love and affection.

Image: Giphy