6 Best Blow Dryers for Curly Hair

If you were anything like me, you grew up in complete denial of having curly hair. Maybe you kept it in check with a blow dryer, straightening iron, and keratin treatments. (Or all three). Maybe you splurged on blowouts. And maybe you loved your curls. (There are always outliers!) But whether you grew up as a true curly girl or you spent years fighting them before finally giving in, there's no argument that getting good curls is kind of a mystery...until now!

Caring for your curls doesn't have to mean you swear off blow dryers or testing out cool, curl-specific gadgets. In fact, it's worth investing a little time and research when you're buying seemingly basic tools like the blow dryer. We hear you: Does it really matter? Yes. Using the right kind can get rid of frizz, pump up shine, and seal the cuticle for a style that lasts all day. And blow dryers aren't one size fits all. They can have different materials (which may impact heat damage), settings (for total customization), and power levels (think air speed — kind of like a portable Yoncé wind machine). Each factor can have its own effect on the result. What they do have in common? Guaranteed gorgeous curls all day, every day.

1. Best For: All Types of Curls

Solano 3200 Top Power Hair Dryer , $127, Amazon

The pairing of ceramic (which uses infrared heat, drying hair from the inside out and preventing frying) and a whopping 1875 watts makes the Solano 3200 Top Power Hair Dryer a winner for any kind of curl.

2. Best For: Thick, Unruly Curls

BaBylissPRO 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer, $80, Amazon

Packing 2000 watts, this hair dryer can handle thick hair without the time commitment. Since the high wattage dries hair quickly, you get less heat damage, too. (Plus, that price? Unbeatable.)

3. Best For: Dry or Damaged Curls

Xtava Double Shine Professional Hair Dryer, $40, Amazon

This salon grade hair dryer adds shine and speeds up the drying process — it'll dry your hair 80 percent faster than traditional blow dryers, making it a perfect fit for hair that's dry or damaged, because it means less heat on the hair. It also comes with an attachable diffuser for volume and more defined curls.

4. Best For: Curls That Lay Flat

Bed Head Curls In Check Diffuser Hair Dryer, $30, Amazon

This diffuser hair dryer is made for curls, and it will add a ton of volume and texture to hair. Try it out if your curls tend to lay flat or tend to lose their shape as the day goes on.

5. Best For: Long Curls

Jniri Professional Infrared And Negative Ion Ceramic Hair Dryer , $49, Amazon

This ceramic hair dryer has ceramic technology that cuts down on frizz and is gentle on hair, so it's great for long hair that takes longer to dry. It also has a double safety net that prevents hair from getting stuck!

6. Best For: Soft, Fine Curls

John Frieda Full Volume Hair Dryer , $34, Amazon

This titanium ceramic hair dryer adds volume while evenly distributing heat, so it won't ruin curls or overheat your hair. It also speeds up drying time without adding frizz.

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Image: Anna Demianenko/Unsplash