How To Be Veronica Sawyer For Halloween

As Halloween draws ever nearer, the scrambling for costume ideas grows more and more frantic — so if you're looking for a cool-yet-easy to put together costume, look no further than Heathers . If you've got #squadgoals working in your favor, you could always go as the three color-coded eponymous Heathers — but if you're flying solo, you can never go wrong with a good Veronica Sawyer Halloween costume. After all, she's got fashion chops to spare, and let's be real — anything Winona Ryder-related is basically Halloween gold, and Veronica may just be her coolest anti-heroine of all.

I mean, really. You'll get to go around your Halloween parties with a phosphorescent glass of hull cleaner in one hand and a cigarette in the other, snarkily intoning "How very" to your heart's content.

Plus, her look is distinct, yet fairly easy to replicate — all you need is a lot of mousse, black (or blue) tights, and an '80s-esque hipster vibe (and the aforementioned hull cleaner, of course). Let's start off with her makeup look, and then we can move on to shopping options for stealing Veronica's style!

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The Base

  • The Foundation: For Veronica's luminous complexion, I used my favorite BB cream, the IOPE Air Cushion.
  • The Cheeks: I swept some illuminator onto my upper cheekbones, and applied a little bit of plummy blush (you know, for that '80s-appropriate fresh faced flair).
  • The Brows: Veronica's brows are pretty low-key, so I just filled mine in where they were sparse.

The Eyeshadow

NYX Eyeshadow in Strike a Pose, $4, Ulta; NYX Eyeshadow in Top Notch, $4, Ulta

I stuck to neutral shades, since Veronica's eye makeup is quite natural. I applied a soft brown to my entire mobile lid, then intensified the look a tad by sweeping a darker brown into the outer corner, and across the socket line.

The Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Caviar Ink, $27, Nordstrom

I forewent my customary cat eye, in favor of a more simple look — I just traced my upper lash line, and the outer two-thirds of my lower lashline, using a dark grey liner.

The Finishing Touches

Revlon Matte Balm Stain in Sultry, $9, Ulta

Finally, I topped off the look with a couple coats of mascara (Veronica's really got the whole doe-eyed thing on lock), along with a period-appropriate mauvy lipstick. And that's it — just add bomb detritus, blood, and a devil-may-care (fake, please) cigarette as needed!

Now, onto the clothes... and what better place to start, than the (literally) to-die-for outfit Veronica stages her first fake murder-suicide with? After all, what with all its je ne sais-infused cool, it's kind of the epitome of all the looks in the movie.

Bralet Top With Halter Neck In Lace

Bralet Top With Halter Neck In Lace, $8, ASOS

Wrap Top In Crepe With Lace Trim

Wrap Top In Crepe With Lace Trim, $45, ASOS

Cut in Neck Top with Scallop Lace

AX Paris Cut in Neck Top with Scallop Lace, $15, ASOS

Ruffled Mini Skirt

Ruffled Mini Skirt, $12, Forever 21

Cotton Skirt

RED Valentino Cotton Skirt, $137, Style Bop

Chambray Skater Skirt

Chambray Skater Skirt, $20, Forever 21

The Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket, $23, ASOS

The Bomber Jacket In Jersey In Cotton

The Bomber Jacket In Jersey In Cotton, $40, ASOS

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Images: Cinemarque Entertainment (2), Rosie Narasaki/Bustle (4), Courtesy Brands