'80s Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Can you believe Halloween's less than two weeks away? I don't know about you, but I still haven't gotten things together, costume-wise. Months ago, I had pipe dreams of pulling out the old sewing machine, and going for the ever-popular Daenerys Targaryen Qarth dress, but now that we're little more than a week out, I'm starting to figuratively sweat a little. I've always struggled with indecision during the Halloween season — when I was seven, I had an honest-to-god anxiety dream of whether to go as Mulan in her matchmaking gear or her warrior gear. There are just so many options!

So let's simplify a bit... the only question is, what should we narrow down to? Why, '80s pop culture-inspired, of course, because when you think about it, it's a win on pretty much every level possible. Tongue-in-cheek? Check. Nostalgically retro? Check. Obscure enough that you're not a clone? Check. Imbued with a slight sense of cult-status, je ne sais quoi-coolness? Check. Read on to see how to get the look from all your favorite '80s films, from Pretty in Pink grandma chic to heartbreakingly cool Madonna, a la Desperately Seeking Susan — and click through to find out where to buy every single piece.

1. Heathers

Filled to the brim with acid-tongued one-liners and a surprisingly large body count, it doesn't get much more on point than Veronica Sawyer. She sported a myriad of awesome looks throughout the film, and the above off-the-shoulders/suspenders combo is one of my favorites (I also love the lacy halter top/tiered skirt/grandpa cardigan outfit). Oh, and don't forget your monocle!

2. Desperately Seeking Susan

You'll see a lot of Madonna costumes at any given Halloween shindig, but going the Desperately Seeking Susan route gives the tried-and-true costume a fun twist.

3. Pretty in Pink

For this costume, you're going to want to basically wear every single pink thing you own, paired with upholstery-worthy florals, and a lot of jewelry. You might want a bolo tie-wearing Duckie at your side to really drive your point home.

4. Blade Runner

Retro's always fun, and Blade Runner's Rachael has the somewhat unique distinction of being simultaneously double-retro and futuristic. Her style marries exaggerated '40s noir femme fatale with the '80s power suit, with some 2019 flair thrown in. For the costume, you can either go for the dramatically-silhouetted suit or the even more dramatically-silhouetted fur coat — but the hair and makeup are key.

5. Back to the Future

Come, on, wouldn't this look be fun? We could all use orange puffer vests and purple Calvin Klein underwear in our lives.

Images: IMDb; Polyvore