Will Aaron Be Blamed For The Wolf Attack On 'The Walking Dead'? His Pictures Could Get Him In Trouble In Alexandria

After the Wolf attack on The Walking Dead, the people of Alexandria barely survived by the hair on their chinny chin chins. We don't know what the end game of the Wolves is other than "kill everybody," so right now I'm worried about a consequence that hits closer to hime. Will Aaron be blamed for the Wolves on The Walking Dead, or even blame himself? At the end of the episode, he found that the Wolves had taken what I presume to be the pictures of Alexandria that he used for recruiting.

I suppose that could have been a sign that they had a spy, but there was a look of recognition that tells me this is something Aaron left behind when he and Daryl were trapped in that car. This was established in the Season 5 finale — we saw the Wolves with the pictures. In fact, those pictures in the finale had Rick and Carl in them. I know Enid still seems suspicious, but I don't think she's a spy after that turtle eater's flashback scenes.

The official AMC description of Sunday's episode "Thank You" is "A return home doesn't go as expected." Which, thank you, I could have guessed two weeks ago. The herd is heading towards Alexandria, which was recently attacked. However, I'm a little bit worried about the repercussions of this attack in the organized society that is the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Deanna Monroe is set in her ways and she needs to do something to enforce her position in light of Rick's recent actions.

Do you think Aaron feels responsible for the Wolf attack? What if he gets banished, and how fast do you think Daryl will volunteer to go with him if he is? Someone has to be banished from Alexandria this season, or it doesn't make sense that they mentioned the practice in the first place.

Honestly, it's not his fault. Even if the Wolves got Aaron's pictures and therefore knew to try the walled community next, it was probably going to happen eventually. This attack, based on what we learned about the Wolves in Season 5, is routine. They like to run through communities and meet people, though "meet" in this instance means slaughter. Look how easily Morgan was able to convince them to drop everything and leave. There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason to Wolf attacks. Unfortunately, that won't matter to the residents of the Alexandria Safe-Zone if they aren't made aware, and I'm worried for Aaron's guilt and safety on The Walking Dead.

Images: Frank Ockenfels 3, Glen Page/AMC