How To Make Halloween Costumes Warmer

by Jessica Willingham

While some places allow for skimpy Halloween costumes, other climates can deliver snow flurries and bitter winds, leaving you to wonder how to make Halloween costumes warmer. If you’re in the latter camp, have no fear. You can still dress up and celebrate without freezing.

If you know it will be cold on Halloween (because it is every year in your area) then you can plan ahead accordingly by picking a costume with lots of layers and pieces you can add on if it gets cold. (Era costumes, mascot costumes, and dresses are usually warm bets.) But if a cold front surprises you right before your big debut in a not-so-big or warm costume, there are some last minute things you can do to stay cozy. It doesn’t have to cramp your costume or be bulky and obnoxious either!

When in doubt, layer base clothing underneath your costume. Swap out bare legs for sweater tights, open toed shoes for neutral boots, and an updo for a down style or a hat. Gloves, leggings, and socks are also great last minute options when you’re out of ideas — or sweaters!

If you’re still shivering, here are some easy last minute ideas for warming up your Halloween costume.

1. Wear Wool Tights

Luxe Cashmere Blend Sweater Tights, $58, HUE

No matter your costume, you can throw a neutral base layer on, like these tights, to stay warm. If you think it will get in the way of your look, opt for nude tights.

2. Pick a Costume With a Jacket

Women's Grease T-Birds Jacket, $50, Halloween Costumes

If it's notoriously cold in your 'hood every Halloween, plan ahead by picking a costume that keeps you covered up. A football jock with a letterman jacket, a Pink Lady gone bad — the options are endless.

3. Pick a Costume With High Boots

Women's Militia Boots, $70, Halloween Costumes

A witch, a Go-Go dancer, a lady cop, Rosie the Riveter — they all need heavy duty boots to get the job done. This is a great option if you're expecting snow flurries on Halloween night!

4. Pick an Era Costume

Masquerade Ball Queen Costume, $60, Yandy

Wearing a hoop skirt and a petticoat is as cozy as it gets. Layer long socks or sweater tights underneath to stay extra toasty.

5. Wear Long Gloves

Skeleton Costume Long Gloves, $7, Costume Craze

Long gloves are perfect if you plan on trick-or-treating or bar hopping on a cold Halloween night. You can wear plain black ones or patterned ones like these and make them a part of your costume.

6. Wear Long Socks

HUE Flat Knee Socks, $8, Hue

These green socks are perfect if you're going as Winifred Sanderson or something equally spooky. Just make sure you keep them up by buying one with the right fabric or a wide band, like these HUE socks.

7. Go As "Hotline Bling" Drake

"Hotline Bling" is a hot number right now, and funky dancing like Drake in his sweaters a la the video will keep you warm all night long. Here's our guide to dressing up as a Drake song.

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